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Synergy EMR Update – 7.23

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Synergy EMR Release Notes

Synergy Web/EMR Version 7.23 Release Notes

Upgraded Features or Functionality

  • NEW HELP PAGE with video tutorials!
  • Ability to set a custom home screen as your default home screen upon login
  • All Documents List – can sort by category now
  • EMC Submission Screens – performance optimized
  • Home Screen – options to include libraries were removed to optimize performance
  • Documents – prefilling documents based on previous documents was optimized because if the patient had a long cert period (e.g. a year or longer) it was taking a while to load
  • Chart – Can upload a picture of the patient
  • Plan of Care – the ability to show time if the option is enabled in agency setup


  • OASIS submission will add 1, 2, 3, etc. at the end of the file name if multiple files were created on the same day (similar to EMC file submission)
  • Chart of Accounts showing [object object] on the group column (instead of “Skilled Nursing” etc.)
  • Couldn’t see the history of billing submissions.
  • Issue viewing oasis submission file history if payor type wasn’t set to “all”
  • Null error upon processing OASIS submission
  • Couldn’t find submitted files unless the date was in the future.
  • Issues with OASIS E M1021, C0500, D0160 auto calculation
  • The calendar detail view now remembers user preference of column order
  • CLINICIAN PORTAL ONLY – Patient demographics on a chart wouldn’t show “other doctor” from the intake

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