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Billing Services

HealthCare Synergy’s Billing and Revenue Recovery Services ensure proper, timely claim creation and submission, as well as help with recovering more revenue.

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Experts in Revenue Collection and Recovery for Home Health and Hospice Agencies Nationwide!

Is your home health or hospice agency behind on claim creation, submission, and/or collection?

HealthCare Synergy’s highly experienced and trained Billing Staff ensures continued revenue through proper claim creation, timely claim submission, and systematic collection methods. They accomplish these tasks using an efficient, proprietary revenue cycle process which ensures agencies receive payments as quickly as possible. Our Billing Team consists of seasoned staff with years of home health and hospice experience and know what to look for when collecting revenue from claims, or recouping revenue from outstanding claims before the statute of limitation expires.

Why Outsource to HealthCare Synergy?

No Overhead! Outsourcing eases management associated with Payroll, Insurance, Taxes, and more.

No managing and retaining your resources. Less time spent on recruitment, onboarding, training, and vacation and sick time requests.

Backup Clinicians and Billers are in place to avoid disruption of service.

HIPAA rules are in place to protect patient’s information.

Full control of the team just like your in-house team.

Available Services

The outsourced Billing Services below can be provided regardless of which EMR software platform your agency uses.


Our Billing Services are performed by a team of Billing Professionals who possess up-to-date and hands-on knowledge of CMS and payor rules and regulations, giving them the confidence to ensure proper claim creation, timely submission, and maximum collection.

  • Your agency is assigned to one of our dedicated Billers specialized in adapting to the constant changes of CMS and other payors’ rules.
  • Our Billing Staff prepares and submits available Notice of Admission.
  • In addition to submitting claims and following up with returned or rejected claims, our Billers are skilled in solving complex claims associated with MSP and payer/agency overlaps.
  • Our Billers are also proficient in checking for and tracking ADRs which is particularly important for the timely preparation of responses and submissions.
  • Clients enjoy a team of Billers who report and discuss updates with payments, claim rejections, and other relevant inquiries – for transparency, our Billing staff generate reports regularly through the agency’s EMR.


Revenue Recovery

Our Revenue Recovery Service is performed by professional Billers who are experts in recouping revenue from unpaid claims.

  • Our Billers specialize in tracking rejected and unpaid claims.
  • Once reviewed and researched, the claims go through a comprehensive quality check to determine whether or not the claim can be resubmitted in order to recoup revenue before the statute of limitation expires.
  • Agencies have the freedom to choose between a one-time service or provided quarterly, yearly, etc.


Sophisticated. Experienced. Reliable.

Let HealthCare Synergy show you how we support agencies like yours operate at PEAK PERFORMANCE with our outsourced Billing Services!