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    Professional Wound Specialists

    A comprehensive wound specialty group that focuses on setting standards in wound healing through integration of multiple specialties and utilizing advanced modalities in a team approach. Professional Wound Specialists specialties include General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Podiatry, Nurse Practitioners,
    and Physician Associates.

    Setup In Service with Dr Wu and Associates. Schedule a on-site assessment by Surgeon-MD-PA-NP with qualified non healing wound patients at no cost to your home health agency.


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    Comprehensive Wound Healing implements
    4 uniquely designed programs

    Professional Wound Specialists is a comprehensive wound group partnering with medical organization to provide standard defining systems of treatment with a cost-effective mindset to heal wounds.

    Professional Wound Specialists is in California, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah.

    Traditional Wound Healing

    Using tried and true methods to promote timely wound healing

    Advanced Wound Healing

    A healthy piece of skin removed from one area of the body is used to repair damaged or missing skin somewhere else on the body

    Surgical Procedures

    Surgical closure and debridement of wounds in any stable setting

    Skin Evaluation and Management for Preventative Care

    The skin is our first line of defense.They monitor for any abnormal changes in the skin that can lead to more serious conditions.


    Your Organization

    ● The facility will never be billed by their group. They bill on Medicare Part B of the patient’s insurance.
    ● Referrals should be based on the patient’s need rather than their insurance. If there is a wound/skin disorder on the patient, they will manage it regardless of payment. Every patient in your facility deserves the same level of care.
    ● A good team is a knowledgeable team. Wound education will be provided to the nursing staff.
    ● They are on-call for urgent needs and can perform telemedicine when required.
    ● They work with your organization to create a cost-effective system.
    ● They communicate with other physicians regarding their patient’s care and condition.
    ● They practice defensive documentation
    ● After discharge from facilities, the patient will go home with treatment plans and if needed, home visits by one of their practitioners.


    ● They provide weekly evaluations/management of wound rounds to optimize wound healing.
    ● Their services are completely covered by insurance. The patient can rest assured that they will
    not receive a hefty bill from our office.
    ● They manage compliance with follow-ups by coming to the patients. Transportation can be
    costly and time consuming. Their methods of bedside treatments have been shown to reduce
    healing times and infection rates.
    ● Procedures are mostly performed at bedside.
    ● Using the Professional Wound Specialists wound delivery system, they tailor the treatments according to each individual
    patient’s needs

    Board Certified General Surgeon

    Ming-Wei Wu,

    29 Years of Home Health Solutions

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