Updated on 11/08/2019

Synergy EMR Version 6.9.79 Release Notes

HealthCare Assistant (Back Office)

Upgraded Features or Functionality

  • Ability to reassign a chart of account code
  • Show calendar for patients that are under evaluation
  • New Layout (with pagination) for RAPS not sent, final claims not sent, non-pps claims, eligibility logs, RA posting, Physician library, caregiver library, insurance library, chart of accounts library, referral source library, facility library, employer library, Payments/RA, QA Review, view claims expiring for timely filing
  • Ability to delete EMC files that were made in error
  • Ability to resort columns in Medication Profile and remember based on user
  • Clicking patients name in chart, goes to Intake
  • Added OASIS status on final claims not sent
  • PDGM Tool updated to include financial forecast information
  • PDGM Tool linked to financial tab in patient’s chart
  • Agency setting added for including physician signature by default
  • Ability to set the physician signature tag line if needed when printing documents
  • Ability to post appointments from scheduler
  • Enhancements to print all documents, such as including attachments as separate item, including communications


  • Clinical –
    • Cannot open or delete not started documents
    • Issue with editing communications of previous episodes changing to the current episode.
    • Search for archived patients is back under view all intakes/charts
    • When changing order of columns in QA review, filtering would stop working
    • View all documents to remember column re-ordering.
    • Medication review printout carrying over to multiple pages
    • Issues with dragging and dropping of treatment codes in the plan of care
    • Hospital not showing on patient’s intake-referral list when using dropdown
    • Fixed issues copying visit frequency to orders in POC
    • Issues updating clinical tab when changing status
    • POC showing 61 days instead of 60 days
    • Issue with medications disappearing on screen after checking and unchecking to “show medication review history”
    • Columns on clinical tab in patient chart not properly aligned after switching tabs
    • Ability to delete, print, open multiple documents
  • Scheduling –
    • Filter for caregiver and patient code filter in visit posting fixed
    • Remember user’s sorting and filtering for visit posting and scheduler details
    • Issues with scheduling using authorizations on multiple appointments
    • Issues using recurrence under Caregiver Scheduler
    • Scheduler not refreshing to show a new episode after recert has been added
  • Claims –
    • Admission Hour field didn’t remain when saved.
    • Assign multiple transactions on a claim
    • Allow user to enter $0 for RAP payment
    • Issue seeing claim tags on the claim tab in patient chart fixed
    • “Needs Audit” button missing from View all Claims
    • Remember column sorting for Episodes without Raps per user
    • Not all information displayed from notes field when printing claims and eligibility logs
    • Remember user preferences for sorting/filtering in EMC creation
  • Payroll –
    • Ability to edit payroll processed time on ledger editing
    • Issues with transaction count when checking patients in list
  • Reports –
    • Caregiver Appointment List sometimes showed duplicate appointments
    • Error when printing list of unbilled visits
    • Issues with HHA Care Plan printout
    • Incomplete information on POC preview for functional limitations section
    • Added option of “No Date” filter on OASIS Status report
    • Issues with List by Case Administrator
    • Error printing Statement Insurance or Statement Balance
    • Notes not completely visible when printing Medication Review from Medication Profile

CareGiver Assistant (Clinician Portal)

Upgraded Features or Functionalities

  • User can see Visit Verification Report based on caregiver
  • Patient’s name is hyperlinked in the appointment details to patient’s demographics information