Updated on 09/13/2019

Synergy EMR Version 6.9.78 Release Notes

HealthCare Assistant (Back Office)

Upgraded Features or Functionality

  • The medication profile has been redone for a better user experience. Check it out!


  • Ability to print multiple patient statements in “View all Claims”
  • When you’re not able to change the SOC date, the reasons are more understandable
  • Optimizing selection of multiple entries on ledger
  • Faster visit posting when posting multiple visits on patient scheduler
  • Batch Make Claims available in HTML
  • Ability to set SOC + # of days for non-admitted patients on scheduler


  • Added “Discharge Date Filter” for the Master List report
  • Marking 1500 claim as sent doesn’t show date on list of claims
  • Issue entering 2 digit years on ERA window
  • When scheduling a reoccurrence, you’ll get the appropriate errors if you do not have as many weeks/days left that you’ve selected (e.g. you select 9 weeks but only have 3 weeks left in the cert period)
  • Opening and closing visits from detail view on scheduler shows a blank screen
  • The scheduler is showing POC visit frequency, orders, and goals for supplemental periods instead of supplemental POC information
  • Reports that dealt with visit frequency had issues
  • Medication Education now prints again
  • Fixed vital tab not displaying all values issue
  • Chart of Accounts that are “other charge items” did not show when scheduling an appointment
  • Issues when posting multiple visits via patient scheduler detail view
  • Fixed an issue where adding new charge transactions in the ledger doesn’t show the chart of accounts that are set as units
  • Issues with selecting “hold” reason on claims
  • Issues created a custom report template and it not saving the patient filter
  • Referral List report not showing 2nd address line
  • Fixes to remember the user’s preferred sort order in patient list, intake list, authorization list, and chart list
  • Visit scheduler summary is showing the wrong week start

CareGiver Assistant (Clinician Portal)

Upgraded Features or Functionalities

  • The medication profile has been redone for a better user experience. Check it out!


  • The document board now has 25 rows per page instead of displaying all documents with one scroll bar. This will increase performance in loading.
  • Caregivers can now view the Visit Verification Report (on the calendar)
  • If documents have an attachment, a paperclip will be displayed next to the document name on the patient’s chart
  • Medications entered as “new” on an SOC will automatically become “long standing” at Recertification
  • On documents, Clinical Audits will now be displayed as white background with black font instead of yellow
  • Faster loading of patient chart


  • Communications – after clicking enter, it’s a space not the next line
  • Added high/low values in vitals tab in chart
  • Fixed window size/scroll when adding treatment templates
  • Opening OASIS as read-only sometimes shows blank or black screen