HealthCare Synergy's Synergy EMR is a 100% web-based EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software designed for home health and hospice agencies, post-acute care providers and other health care service providers. Synergy EMR provides you with online access to your patients medical records and can be accessed from just about any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

Synergy EMR Included Enhancements

  • OASIS Coding Audits
  • On-Demand Medicare Eligibility Checks
  • Seamless Migration between Synergy in the Cloud and Synergy EMR

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"This system saves major time... That's Huge!"
-Robyn M. (RN)
"From being used to the same mechanisms for 6-7 years, transitioning has been very straightforward. We're comfortable with it. Our clinicians always compare it to other systems, although there are really only layout differences. Once they learned Synergy, they have not had a problem with it either."
Mase M. (Owner)
"It's usually faster in our workflow using the Web Edition with Synergy (Synergy EMR). Even if there are issues or questions they are answered right away."
-Mildred R. (Office Manager)
"I use the system daily, for everything an administrator needs. I love it!"
-Virgil P. (Owner)
"It works pretty good for us. Everything is just there. It is very quick. We can pull anything we need without having to jump around."
Eneida G. (DON/PT)
"I can tell that it has definitely improved. We are using it fully at one of our agencies and implementing it into our second agency currently."
Ahmer S. (Owner)
"Easy for the staff to catch on - both office and field staff. The Web Edition (Synergy EMR) was easy to pick up on."
-Joy M. (Biller)
"It's definitely faster than working on paper - I've easily cut a whole work day out of my week by using the Web Edition (Synergy EMR)."
-Brandy F. (Office Manager)
"If you can post on Facebook, use eBay, then you can use then you can use this system."
-Cassandra K. (RN)
"It works pretty good for us. Everything is just there. It is very quick. We can pull anything we need without having to jump around. Synergy always has the answer for any of our questions."
Eneida G. (DON/PT)

Access To Critical Patient Information

Synergy EMR provides your entire home health or hospice agency access to critical patient information all in one application. The embedded clinical documentation, helps you and your agency, achieve and stay in compliance with Healthcare industry standards. Synergy EMR will also help you to understand how the answers within your charts can help to drive your outcomes using our complimentary, built-in clinical audits and comprehensive reports.

Physician Portal

Synergy EMR has a physician portal, giving added convenience with care coordination between agency and physicians or other care providers.

Premium Support with Extended Hours

HealthCare Synergy is proud to offer extended hours of support (until 10pm PST) with the ability to quickly chat with a representative through the Synergy EMR.

Med-Pass Forms Available

Synergy EMR has Med-Pass OASIS and Visit Notes ready, should an agency choose to utilize those instead of the standard forms.

Intuitive & Feature Rich

Synergy EMR uses a unique, intuitive, and feature rich browser to manage all the features you would expect from an electronic medical record, office management and billing software.

Data Analysis & Communication

Synergy EMR is a Web Based Software built on the foundation of data analysis and communication & provides critical information about your patients on a single application.

Clinical Documentation

Embedded clinical documentation allows you to not only be in compliance with standards, but also understand how the answers within your charts can drive your outcomes.

Intake and Scheduling

Synergy EMR makes entering intakes and scheduling easy. From checking Medicare eligibility to plotting your visits, and finally to track your visit frequency, the Synergy EMR allows you to run your business efficiently.

Quality Assurance

Synergy EMR is built with compliance and accuracy in mind. All the built-in validations, warnings, and functionality allow the agency to create a QA process that will ensure the agency stays in compliance when it comes time for survey.

Integrated Billing & Reports

Built on a billing system that has been one of the top home health billing software for over 20 years, you can rest assured you can ensure they are ready to bill and submit them one-by-one or as a batch. Our financial reports are considered some of the best, allowing you to have a bird's eye view of your agency's financial health.

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