Synergy EMR

Web-Based EMR Software

Healthcare Synergy HealthCare Assistant Web Edition is a 100% web-based EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software, that is designed for Healthcare and Post-Acute Care providers accessible online and on just about any device.

Intuitive & Feature Rich

Using a unique, intuitive and feature rich browser, the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition software includes all the features you would expect from an electronic medical record, office management and billing software.

Data Analysis & Communication

Web Based Software built on the foundation of data analysis and communication among providers, the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition Software gives you access to critical information about your patients on a single screen.

Clinical Documentation

Embedded clinical documentation allows you to not only be in compliance with standards, but also understand how the answers behind your charts can drive your outcomes.

HealthCare Assistant Web Edition Features

  • 100% Web-based
  • Unlimited users
  • Ability to bill over 4,000 payer sources
  • Clinical & billing solution in one application
  • Online electronic charting
  • Real-time communication between field and office staff
  • Reduce office staff overhead
  • Hosted in secure servers
  • Automatic updating & back-up
  • Data analytics
  • Over 100 comprehensive reports, from patient to financial including Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) checks
  • Medicare cost reports
  • Eligibility checks
  • Customizable to fit your agency workflow ( QA Review, Chart Management)
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) checks
  • DIRECT claim submission
  • Friendly user interface
  • Integrated ICD 10 codes
  • Up-to- date medication database with interaction checks
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) integration
  • On-Call clinician capabilities
  • Complete set of clinical documents (examples: OASIS,Visit Notes)
  • OASIS validation and accuracy checks
    • What People Say About Health Care Synergy's Professional Services

      "HealthCare Synergy's core business values and commitment to excellence have played a key role in the establishment and retention of our business." - Anbe B. (Administrator)

    • What people are saying about PPS Billing Services

      "The billing service reminds me that there is no possible way I could know everything that CMS wants me to know- the process brought to light things I may have forgotten about Medicare rules and regulations- this is what I consider most valuable" - Ron P. (Owner)

    • What people are saying about Pre-Claim Review

      "We signed up for Pre-Claim Review not knowing what to expect with it being a new rule and all. We were pleasantly surprised when our clinicians advised us that the two initially submitted to Synergy was affirmed. We're feeling hopeful again!" - Cristina C. (Director of Nursing)

    • What people are saying about Pre-Claim Review

      "7 out of 8 Pre-Claim affirmations! WOW" Patricia O. (Owner)

    • What People are saying about Chart Review

      "The clinicians performing chart review provide excellent customer service, sound advice and feedback on the document being reviewed. We are satisfied and pleased with the outcomes!" - Valentine A. (Owner)

    • What people are saying about our Coding & OASIS Review Services

      "Synergy's clinical staff are gems- the accuracy in their coding and reviews is exceptional! The owners are very pleased with the outcomes." - Val L.(Administrator)
    • “They are a blessing considering my other option is to board an airplane and have to obtain hotel reservations in a faraway city just to get the quality of this webinar. Sharon is as good in this format as she is in person. I love to see her face to face though, she is a delight in every way.”
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    • "It’s definitely faster than working on paper - I’ve easily cut a whole work day out of my week by using the Web Edition."
    • "The [CT] service is absolutely priceless. I used to stay up till midnight or 1 AM reviewing the charts, but now can rest assured that my documentation is being reviewed and tend to other issues."
    • "HealthCare Synergy’s core business values and commitment to excellence have played a key role in the establishment and retention of our business."

    HealthCare Assistant Web Edition

    Web-Based EMR and Point of Care Software with a core foundation of communication and data analysis

    HealthCare Synergy HealthCare Assistance Web Edition is an easy to use Electronic Medical Record and Point of Care software, accessible online from anywhere, on any device. HealthCare Assistant Web Edition integrates the core foundation of communication and data analysis in one user friendly software.

    Our new HealthCare Assistance software is 100% web based and features an intuitive and feature rich browsing experience, while including all of the core features of our previous applications. Our all new point of care module for documenting patient information takes point of care data collection to a whole new level with exploratory data analysis.

    Additional Features

    LEIE: Check background of clinicians and other providers for history of medical fraud/misconduct through List of Excluded Individuals and Entities.

    On-Demand Eligibility Checks: Checking eligibility for Medicare on demand to create a report detailing patient’s insurance benefits.

    Routing Clinician’s Schedule: Optimize schedule based on appointment time(s) and/or traffic conditions.

    Virtual Signatures: Allowing the ability for the patient to sign via computer and/or mobile device.

    Geotagging Location and Signatures: Geotagging clock in/out and also signatures ensuring the clinician is at the patient’s home at the correct times.

    Patient Vitals Graphs: Showing vital history over course of episode(s)

    Medication Profiles with Interactions: Showing severe interactions between medications in a comprehensive profile.

    Document Answer History: Showing previous answers for specific questions for a patient

    Tags: Ability to create personalized workflow for QA, Visit Posting, and also Billing.

    On-Call Scheduler: Allowing you to create an on-call scheduler, giving specific clinicians access to all patients on specific days/times.

    Customizable: Customizable start screens and dashboards, allowing you to optimize your specific job.

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