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Synergy EMR Software

Synergy EMR


HealthCare Synergy’s Synergy EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is a software designed for home health and hospice agencies, post-acute care providers and other health care service providers. Synergy EMR provides you with online access to your patients medical records and can be accessed from just about any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

Synergy EMR provides your entire home health or hospice agency access to critical patient information all in one application. The embedded clinical documentation, helps you and your agency, achieve and stay in compliance with Healthcare industry standards. Synergy EMR will also help you to understand how the answers within your charts can help to drive your outcomes using our complimentary, built-in clinical audits and comprehensive reports.

Synergy EMR Software Features

Latest Software Enhancements:


  • Included Medicare Eligibility Checks
  • Included Ability Optimize Clinical Coding Audits
  • Fax Integration – available for an additional fee, contact us for info
  • Custom or MedPass Forms Available – Customize forms to match existing workflow or utilize all MedPass OASIS and visit notes

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Operate Your Agency at Peak Performance



  • Physician Portal – a portal for you to communicate back-and-forth with your physicians and receive signed orders and care plans electronically
  • Notices of Expired Licenses/Certifications – get notified when your staff’s licenses or certifications are about to expire
  • World-Class Comprehensive Reports
  • Easy-to-Use Payroll Module


Care Management


  • Electronic Signatures with Geotagging – capture your patient’s signature and geotag places to map out visits
  • HIPAA-Compliant Messenger with Messaging Groups Functionality – communicate back and forth with other users in your office, clinicians, and physicians all with the click of a button
  • On-Call Scheduler – schedule which clinician is on-call, giving them access to all patient records for a specific day and time.


Chart Management


  • Import Document Wizard – a feature to accommodate all of those miscellaneous items you receive on paper
  • Dynamic Scheduler with Checks for Authorizations and Visit Frequency
  • QA Module – Manage all the clinical documents throughout the agency’s specific qa approval process
  • Question-Level History – showing all previous answers to that question across all documents, giving a detailed view of the patient’s medical health

Financial Management


  • Comprehensive Billing Warnings/Errors – helping flag potential billing issues and prevent claim rejections/denials
  • Ability to Bill over 4000 Payors
  • Ability to Bill TWO Medicare Advantage Plans at one-time


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Testimonials About Synergy EMR

“This system saves major time… That’s Huge!”

-Robyn M. (RN)


“From being used to the same mechanisms for 6-7 years, transitioning has been very straightforward. We’re comfortable with it. Our clinicians always compare it to other systems, although there are really only layout differences. Once they learned Synergy, they have not had a problem with it either.”

-Mase M. (Owner)


“It’s usually faster in our workflow using the Web Edition with Synergy (Synergy EMR). Even if there are issues or questions they are answered right away.”

-Mildred R. (Office Manager)


“I use the system daily, for everything an administrator needs. I love it!”-Virgil P. (Owner)”It works pretty good for us. Everything is just there. It is very quick. We can pull anything we need without having to jump around.”

-Eneida G. (DON/PT)


“I can tell that it has definitely improved. We are using it fully at one of our agencies and implementing it into our second agency currently.”

-Ahmer S. (Owner)


“Easy for the staff to catch on – both office and field staff. The Web Edition (Synergy EMR) was easy to pick up on.”

-Joy M. (Biller)


“It’s definitely faster than working on paper – I’ve easily cut a whole work day out of my week by using the Web Edition”

-Brandy F. (Office Manager)


“If you can post on Facebook, use eBay, then you can use then you can use this system.”

-Cassandra K. (RN)


“It works pretty good for us. Everything is just there. It is very quick. We can pull anything we need without having to jump around. Synergy always has the answer for any of our questions.”

-Eneida G. (DON/PT)