Updated on 06/16/2020

Synergy EMR Version 7.0.01 Release Notes

Upgraded Features or Functionality

  • Ability to integrate and use Zoom with the program to assist with telemedicine
  • Create an agency setting to force employees to answer Covid 19 Screening every 24 hours. Also have a report to show this information
  • Create an agency setting to use narrative templates in the caregiver portal (instead of having to click on narrative after hitting on the templates button).
  • Created “TeleMonitoring” agency type when creating new agency
  • Allow the user to reset order of clinical documents on patient chart to match the order on the left (placed under options and titled “Reset to match Category Order”
  • On Classic View of chart, added “communication” tab next to cases tab.
  • Optimized printouts of the plan of care to minimize wasted white space.
  • Added “all to date” option in date filters of caregiver visits list.
  • Added “month” to the episode and monthly view of the calendar
  • Added “gender” to the patient demographic tab
  • Added Case Admin, # of Admissions, Alert, and Remarks to “Patient Demographics” Tab
  • Improved process and issues that arose with unlocking the OASIS when attached to document
  • Added time to the date stamps for each “question-level history”
  • Remember sorting and filtering for Libraries during a session.
  • Improve the fax coversheet font, spacing, title etc.
  • Changed to not require “time” when resetting payroll.
  • On mobile devices when capturing patient signature, it becomes full screen.
  • For faster loading, on Caregiver portal, patients and documents tiles on dashboard show 8 items at a time.


  • Fixed an issue where RA adjustments would show as payment on RA report
  • Fixed some issues where “RAP Expiration Report” wasn’t returning correct information based on date filters
  • Fixed some caching issues when opening a document from appointments would state the document is already open in another tab
  • Paperclip Icon for Supplemental does not show attachments
  • Communication – File Description is not properly displayed after refreshing the communication
  • Fixed issues duplicating a ledger entry.
  • Fixed med profile printout to show medication administration chronologically for each med