Updated on 12/16/2019

Synergy EMR Version 6.9.80 Release Notes

HealthCare Assistant (Back Office)

Upgraded Features or Functionality

  • Improved layout for the Agency Set-Up Information, Electronic Receiver, User Rights/Logins section, Episode Audit Library, Claims section, claims with balances, new batch print section, batch make claims section, patient category, standard codes, visit posting, non-pps episodes with unbilled visits, final claims not sent, communication category, communication action, messaging groups, document tags, authorization tags, treatment plan/communication tags, claim tags, patient chart tags, narrative template library, episodes without RAP’s, episodes without final claims, document packets, document category, RAPs not Sent, non-pps claims not sent, visits posted, Benefit Period with unbilled visits (Hospice)
  • For PDGM: on day 31 of an episode, the calendar will show a purple background on that day
  • Added discharged date to patient chart header if applicable
  • Added patient code to header on intake
  • On the patient chart, the claim tab will remember the user’s preference on column ordering and sorting
  • Ability on the patient chart to ONLY see the clinical documents and hide appointments without documents
  • On Medication Profile report/printout, the pharmacy’s phone number is now displayed
  • On Medication Profile, changed allergies to dark blue to indicate a hyperlink and make it more noticeable.
  • Added modifier column on claims
  • Ability to fax supplemental from chart
  • On POC printout, caregiver signature is added to page 1


  • Ipad Issues
    • When printing claims or patient statements, the reports not properly displayed
    • Editing standard codes (under administration) wasn’t working
    • On the PDGM Helper report, soc start wasn’t completely visible
    • Colors of buttons changed throughout to be more noticeable
    • On claims with balances, unable to see all the information on one screen
  • Inactive physicians  are now in red font when creating a communication
  • Users can edit the type of contact for emergency contacts
  • Document Phrases section is now hidden in administration menu while we make some changes
  • Fixed line spacing to better read appointment warnings
  • Recall payroll printout was not in alphabetical order and there wasn’t a grand total
  • Fixed section 26 to show all information on POC printout
  • On Face to Face encounter report, the address wasn’t completely visible
  • After posting a payment, the post button remained enabled.
  • On Create claims, RAPs not sent, Final Claims not sent, and non-PPS episodes with unbilled visits, the patient name was hyperlinked so it will open the chart
  • Fixed the ability to unlock an exported OASIS with right-click option
  • Supplemental POC (small and large print only) missing certification period

CareGiver Assistant (Clinician Portal)

Upgraded Features or Functionalities

  • On Signed/Submitted, Waiting for Signature, Appointments without Docs, the list of documents are paginated to ensure faster loading time
  • Ability to print patient’s chart (documents, etc.)
  • For PDGM: on day 31 of an episode, the calendar will show a purple background on that day
  • On Medication Profile, changed allergies to dark blue to indicate a hyperlink and make it more noticeable.


  • Issues with Patient Verification and clearing actual time
  • Issues on Medication Profile when rearranging columns
  • Confirming that the patient’s primary physician was being pulled from the correct agency (if people had multiple agencies within the same database)
  • Continuous loading when undeleting a document from “add document” button on home screen
  • Checking/unchecking documents on patient verification window wasn’t working correctly.
  • If adding question-level notes when the document autosaves, error would pop up.
  • On POC printout – signature not completely visible, * character showing as another character, physician’s phone not properly displayed
  • Fixed layout issues displaying medication profile on MAC
  • Issues typing sub account code into appointment field