Effective January 1, 2022, Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) was replaced by the Home Health Notices of Admission (NOA).

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All intermediaries are returning electronically submitted NOAs with reason code 32114 (missing zip code).


CGS Update 01/20/22

“We are aware of the concerns surrounding Notices of Admission (NOAs) being returned to provider (RTP) with reason code U537F and further research is needed to determine the appropriate resolution. At this time, please refrain from contacting our Provider Contact Center (PCC) regarding this issue as it is currently being researched. Please stay tuned for additional updates as they become available. We will issue an updated Listserv and update the Claims Processing Issues Log (CPIL) as necessary.”

CGS Update 01/05/22

NOAs submitted via EMC are returning to the provider (RTP) with reason code 32114 in error. To prevent any late NOAs, please use the following workaround:

• Access the NOA in the DDE Claims Correction screen.
• Enter the nine-digit ZIP code.
• F9/resubmit the claim.

To avoid this edit, you may choose to submit NOAs via DDE (rather than EMC) until a system fix can be implemented.

If an NOA is late due to this issue, indicate the following in the Remarks field of the final claim: Jan 2022 Issue RE 32114.


NGS Update 01/05/22

NOAs are being rejected with reason code U5357F. There is no fix at this time.

NGS Update 01/05/22

Description of Issue:

The centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services implemented new home health bill type 32A effective 1/1/2022. An issue with Zip codes submitted on EMC claims has been identified for all Medicare Administrative Contractors, causing it to incorrectly return to provider with reason code 32114.

The Fiscal Intermediary Standard System is working on a correction for this issue.

Providers are advised to add the required zip code to affected claims and to resubmit those claims for processing.

Proposed Resolution/Fix: 2/2/2022


Palmetto Update 01/20/22

NOAs that were returned to providers for reason code 19960 are being entered back into processing, with CC 15 removed, by Palmetto GBA. Please allow 5 business days from this update for all NOAs to be placed back into processing.

Providers do not need to return the NOAs affected by this issue, as Palmetto GBA is removing CC 15 and returning them to process.

Once returned to processing, a new received date will be applied to the NOAs, as this cannot be overridden in the processing system. This may cause the NOA to be considered late, received beyond the 5-day NOA submission requirement.

Providers will need to request a late NOA exception on the corresponding claim if it was late due to this issue. In the remarks for these exception requests, provider shall enter “Late due to CC 15 release”.

We will provide additional status updates when available.

Palmetto Update 01/18/22

Palmetto GBA is working to resolve this issue. For most NOAs affected by this issue, Palmetto GBA was able to remove Condition Code 15 and reason code 19960 prior to the NOA returning to the provider (Status/Location TB9900), which will allow the NOA to process without returning to the provider for this issue and affecting the received date.

However, some NOAs may complete returning to provider (Status/Location TB9997). Palmetto GBA is reviewing these NOAs for resolution and will provide an update when available.

Providers should not take any action at this time. We will provide an update when available.