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According to our records, your agency has purchased the pre-paid training hours. To schedule a training session, please fill out the Training Request form. In order to properly prepare and accommodate your specific training needs, please notify us at least 5 business days in advance.

During a one-on-one online training session a highly qualified HealthCare Assistant software expert remotely access a user’s computer and initiates a two way conversation via phone for effective training. Training sessions can be customized to fit according to your needs. We also have several suggestions to increase the efficiency of every training session


Support Program and Terms

Toll Free Phone Support Hours: 6am – 5pm PST (Monday – Friday)

Unlimited Access 24×7 to our private support website

  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Online User Community Forums
  • Electronic Product Documentation

Case Logging via Telephone Support

Online Chat Support

Download major, minor and maintenance releases, and enhancements that HealthCare Synergy provides to customers generally under support for no additional fee

Version and Release Support – HealthCare Synergy supports the current version and the immediately prior version of each product, including any interim releases.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question or concern is not found here, please contact Tech Support and we will add it.

How to Refresh Data from Clinical Documents to the Plan of Care

In the Healthcare Assistant Web Edition, it is possible to carry over information from the document/assessment into the corresponding plan of care. To have changes in the Plan of Care reflect changes made in the document/assessment, simply hit the “Refresh from Document” button.

NOTE: When you click on the Refresh button and the status of the Plan of Care is set to “Final,” you will receive the following error message:

To avoid the error, before clicking the Refresh button, change the POC Status from “Final” to “Draft” and then Save it. The Healthcare Assistant will now allow you to refresh the Plan of Care.

How to Schedule for Multiple Days on the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition

The Patient Scheduler allows the user to create scheduled visits for multiple days in just one window. To do this, just follow the simple steps below:

1) Click on the days you want to schedule

2) Click on the “+” sign

3) The New Appointment window will appear and schedule as usual

4) The visits are now scheduled

Online Support Connection

Have an issue or an error message popping up in the screen? Need a support technician to connect to your computer? The HealthCare Assistant Web Edition has the online support link located inside the Administration section. Clicking on Technical Support will open a new window, where you will enter your name and a support key. Call and ask for a support technician, who will then provide you with the support key. Once entered, click on Continue.


If the window does not pop-up, chances are your browser is blocking it. On the one hand, if you are using Google Chrome, click the red “x” located on the upper-right corner and choose “Always allow pops-ups from”



On the other hand, if you are using Internet Explorer, click on “Options for this site” and choose “Always allow”


HealthCare Assistant VS. HealthCare Assistant Web Edition. What’s the difference?

The HealthCare Assistant is what we refer to as our legacy application. For over 20 years, this software has allowed your home health, hospice, or outpatient therapy agency to schedule, bill, and manage clinical items needed for Part A and B Medicare, private insurance and almost all insurance companies. This software was normally installed on your agencies’ server and computers. – This software option is no longer being supported as of April 15, 2015.

Synergy in the Cloud is our HealthCare Assistant software hosted on our secure servers with all the benefits of our legacy application. This allows anyone in your agency to access information as long as they have an internet connection. This hosted environment allows us to manage the software and data for an agency, allowing the agency to save in overhead technology costs.

The HealthCare Assistant Web Edition is the newest version of the HealthCare Assistant. Designed for ease of use and a one stop shop, the system now includes a full blown Electronic Medical Record of the patient, tied directly to the same financial functionality and reporting that our clients rely on a daily basis.

What if I already have the Legacy Server or Synergy in the Cloud software but want to try out the Web Edition?

We can provide pricing on the web edition of our software. You will have 30 days to test the software with your live data to help you determine whether or not it will work for your agency.

What is the minimum and recommended Internet connection requirement for the Healthcare Assistant Web Edition?

Minimum Download Internet Speed: 256 Kbps per user
Recommended Internet Connection: Cable or FIOS
Recommended Internet Speed:
-Download Speed: Minimal 4Mbps per user
-Upload Speed: Minimal 2 Mbps per user

In order to figure out if your computers have this capacity before you call us, you can do the following:
-Go to
-Click “Begin Test”
-This will tell you who your internet provider is and also, the speed. If you have more than 1 Mbps, you should be okay in that area.

These recommendations do not factor in the following: surfing the web,  streaming music and video, social media, wireless connections and hardware. You will require more bandwidth if you plan to perform any of the above actions while using our software.

Introducing WE-Mail

The Healthcare Assistant Web Edition has an internal messaging system called “WE-Mail.” It allows the back-office staff to send messages to the caregivers that are out in the field and vice-versa. The message icons located on the top right corner of the screen allow the user to read a new message or create a new message. To create a new message, click on the envelope icon pictured below.



Select the caregiver from the drop-down list. More than one recipient can be added. If a recipient was chosen by mistake, it can be easily removed just by clicking on the red “X” next to the recipient’s name.



Once the message is sent, the caregiver will see a golden envelope on their CareGiver Assistant home page. Click the envelope to read the new message.


How to Change to the New CMS 1500 Claim Form

The recent HealthCare Assistant version 6.9.27 update has a new 1500 claim form. The revised 1500 claim form has a number of changes: new indicators to differentiate between ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes on a claim, and qualifiers to identify whether certain providers are being identified as having performed an ordering, referring, or supervising role in the furnishing of the service. In addition, the revised form uses letters, instead of numbers, as diagnosis code pointers, and expands the number of possible diagnosis codes on a claim. Source.

To change the new 1500 claim form in the HealthCare Assistant after updating to V6.9.27:

  1. Go To Library
  2. Go To Insurance Carriers
  3. Choose the insurance
  4. Under Insurance Info, choose Form 1500 (02-12). See image:
  5. Click “Save”
How to Bookmark the HealthCare Synergy Web Edition to Your Browser

The HealthCare Assistant Web Edition gets updated frequently to incorporate new features and enhancements, as well as correcting known issues. If you have bookmarked the URL for your agency already, you might have issues after an update is performed since the ports might change.

IMPORTANT: When adding the site to your favorites, the web address contains a port number that needs to be removed. If the port number is not removed, the next time you try to access the page, it may not load.

Depending on your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari), you must edit the properties and change the URL.

For example, in Internet Explorer, the URL contains the port number :8002 (your browser may have a different port number) and it needs to be removed.

  • Click on “STAR” symbol on the upper right corner

  • This will bring up all your bookmarks/favorites. Look for the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition

  • On the URL box, DELETE the colon and the number (i.e. :8002). DO NOT DELETE THE FORWARD SLASH ( / )

  • Click “Ok”

For Google Chrome

  • Click on the three horizontal lines symbol on the upper right corner of your Google Chrome browser. Click on “Bookmarks” than “Bookmark Manager”

  • Or use “Ctrl+Shift+O”

  • Look for the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition, right click and select “Edit”. On the URL box, DELETE the colon and the number (i.e. :8002). DO NOT DELETE THE FORWARD SLASH ( / )

For Safari

  • Click on the bookmark icon

  • Right click on the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition bookmark, and click on “Edit Address”

  • DELETE the colon and the number (i.e. :8002). DO NOT DELETE THE FORWARD SLASH ( / )

  • Click on “Done”
How to delete a patient’s Plan of Care or Status Record
  • Certain situations might require the user to delete a patient’s Plan of Care or a Status Record. Upon doing so, the user might get the following error message:

    Tech Tip 1

    The Healthcare Assistant doesn’t allow deletion of the Plan of Care if there is still a claim associated to it. To remedy this, the user needs to go to the Claims section and delete the claim. Once the claim is deleted, the Plan of Care can be deleted. REMINDER: Be aware that the claim will be deleted! Any payments or adjustments associated with the claim will need to be re-included back to the new claim.

    Tech Tip 2

    Additionally, make sure to type “no” if you want to keep the ledger entries that are associated with the claim.

    Tech Tip 3


How to Print the Face-To-Face Encounter

In helping our clients maintain compliance with the new Face to Face requirements, we added an option to print the Face-To-Face Encounter document from the SOC Plan of Care and from the Intake/Admission. If the option to print the document is unavailable, check the following:

1) If there is a date in the “Face-To-Face Date” field, this will disable the option to print the document.

2) Check the insurance carrier’s settings. If “Check if this insurance requires Face-To-Face Document” is not marked, then the option to print will be disabled.

3) Lastly, make sure the SOC Plan of Care status is set to “Final.” The Face-to-Face Document cannot be printed with the POC if it is set to “Draft.”

How to Delete a Patient

In certain situations, a user might be required to delete a patient’s entire record (intakes/admissions, OASIS, Plan of Cares, etc.). Deleting a patient from the system takes only a few steps, but remember: ONCE A PATIENT RECORD IS DELETED, IT CANNOT BE RECOVERED.

Before deleting the patient, make sure that all claims are deleted…

…and make sure that communications are deleted.

Once the claims and communications are deleted, navigate back to the Patient List. Find the patient and right-click on the patient’s name. Click Delete.

The system will prompt a message and ask if you want to delete the patient. Click Yes.

Finally, the system will prompt one more message. Click Yes to permanently delete the patient’s record.

Type of Bill (TOB) 33X discontinued

As of October 1, 2013, the Type of Bill (TOB) 33X has been discontinued. Home health claims with TOB 33X will be returned to the provider if the episode “From” date is on or after October 1, 2013. For the full “MLN Matters” article, click here. Because of this change, a new warning has been added to the Healthcare Assistant when doing the Electronic Billing:

The TOB can simply be changed by going to the claim and editing it. Enter the correct Type Of Billfrom the drop-down list and Save. The warning should then disappear. Changing the TOB manually is only temporary. A future release of the Healthcare Assistant Version 6.9.24 or above will no longer assign TOB 33X. It will only assign TOB 32X.

“Synergy0” window during software updates

Healthcare Assistant version updates cannot finish if there are users still logged in to the software. The software will prompt a Connected Users window that shows who is still using the software. In the example below, the user ID SUPERVISOR needs to log out of the program so the update can continue. If there are any remaining Synergy0 user IDs, these are not actual users so they can be safely dropped by highlighting them and clicking on Drop Connection. Once the list is cleared, click Continue to finish the update process.

How to Enter the Treatment Authorization Code

If your claim is missing the TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION CODE, it can be entered either automatically or manually.

To automatically populate the TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION CODE, go to your Library and then Insurance Carriers. Go to the Billing Setup tab and place a checkmark in the box to Use Claim OASIS Matching Key as TAR Number.

To manually enter the TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION CODE, Edit the patient’s claim and click on Edit Insurance. Enter the code located in the field below and then Apply and Save.

How to select the correct Q code for a visit

According to the Medicare News Flash Medicare MM836 published on April 2, 2013, “Medicare is planning to capture data to show where home health services were provided by requiring Home Health Agencies (HHAs) to report the location on the claim. Effective for HH episodes beginning on or after July 1, 2013, HHAs are to use the HCPCS codes Q5001, Q5002, and Q5009 on home health claims to report where home health services were provided. The following table lists the definitions of the Q codes Q5001, Q5002, and Q5009, which were revised effective April 1, 2013.” [Source]

HCPCS Code Definition
Q5001 Hospice or home health care provided in patient’s home/residence
Q5002 Hospice or home health care provided in assisted living facility
Q5009 Hospice or home health care provided in place not otherwise specified

Here is how you can select the appropriate Q code(s) using the HealthCare Assistant:

• Select the patient from the list and press on the ‘CASES ( Referrals, Admissions, OASIS..)’ tab :

• Click on ‘Edit’ at the very bottom and then select ‘Scheduler’:

• Select a day and discipline:

• Choose the appropriate Q code in the ‘Facility’ drop-down list. By default it will be set to Patient’s Home:

• Press ‘Save’ and continue with the scheduling and posting of visits as you usually would.

If you have further questions about the usage and/or meaning of the Q codes please get in touch with your intermediary.

Modify the Receiver ID/Contractor # in the HealthcareAssistant for the NGS J6 transition

On July 13, 2013, National Government Services, Inc. will assume responsibility and start processing Medicare claims for Part A/Part B Jurisdiction 6 (J6). CMS will require new workload numbers as soon as this transition occurs. What does this mean to you as a Healthcare Assistant user? If you currently have 00450 or 00456 inside your Healthcare Assistant settings, then they need to be changed to the new workload numbers of 06001 and 06014, respectively. It is very important that these need to be changed on or after the July 13, 2013 cutover date. Changing it prior to the cutover date will cause the submitted claims to be rejected.

The following instructions will show you how to verify what current number you have and how to change it.

These changes will need to be applied on two different sections of the software.

1. For insurance carrier(s)

  • • On the main menu, select Library, then select Insurance Carriers.

  • • Select the insurance that you wish to modify.

  • • Edit the Receiver ID/Contractor number in the Payor ID field under Electronic Billing Information from 00450 to 06001 or from 00456 to 06014, then click on Save.

2. For Electronic receiver setup

  • • From the main menu, select Administration, then select Electronic Receiver Setup.

  • • Under the Intermediary tab, select the setup you wish to modify.

  • • Edit the Interchange Receiver ID, Receiver ID and Application’s Receiver ID fields from00450 to 06001 or from 00456 to 06014, then click on Save.

If you have further questions, please contact your intermediary, or you may also visit this website regarding the J6 transition:

Placing a HIPPS code on Medicare Advantage Claims

Effective July 1, 2013 a Health Insurance Prospective Payment System (HIPPS) code will be required to be placed on Medicare Advantage claims. Not doing so will cause the claim to be rejected. The Healthcare Assistant has settings that will allow for the HIPPS code to appear on the claim. The following will show you where the settings are and what they need to be.

• Open the Library and then click on Insurance Carriers.

• Double-click on Medicare Advantage to open the Insurance Carrier settings (NOTE: If you currently DO NOT have this insurance carrier in your library, please contact us at 1(800)479-6374 for assistance.)

• Click on Billing Setup…

• …and make sure the highlighted fields are checked. These options will create the claim under the Prospective Payment System (PPS) method, i.e. the HIPPS code will be placed on the claim.

OASIS Unlock Reason 4

Choosing the correct unlock reason is very important when it comes to resubmitting a rejected OASIS. The following procedure describes how to fix an OASIS that has been rejected so it can be submitted again.

• Start by going to the patient’s OASIS and then click on Unlock.

• This will prompt the following message to the screen. Click Yes.

• Once you click Yes, the “Reason to Unlock OASIS” screen appears. Choose option number 4. This is very important because this option applies to OASIS that were rejected. Incorrectly choosing the other options will cause the resubmitted OASIS to be rejected again.

• Another message appears, reminding you that the lock/exported date will be erased. Clicking Yeswill make the software assign the current date as the lock date.

• The status of the OASIS will become “Open (not validated)” again.

The OASIS can now be corrected. Once corrected, the OASIS needs to be validated, locked, and then resubmitted.

How to access all patient claims via the Claims List

The Claims List gives easy access to all the claims in the system. It allows the user to filter the different types of Medicare claims (i.e. LUPA, Outlier, etc.) and it can be printed. Users also have direct access to these claims to view the information or make some edits to them.

• From the main menu, go to Billing > Claims List:

• In the Claims List, you can select the claims you want to see or hide by checking or un-checking the boxes, respectively:

• You can sort all of the columns on the List by clicking on any of the columns:

• You can also access any of the claims directly by double-clicking it:

• Finally, you can print the List by hitting Print at the bottom:

Security Change for CMSNet users

Before you sign in to the CMS Secure Access Service to submit electronic OASIS files to the state OASIS system, make sure you close down your Healthcare Assistant Software!

If you don’t, the Healthcare Assistant will lose its connection to the database and an error message similar to the one below will pop-up! You will be forced to end this task using the Windows Task Manager.

The Healthcare Assistant software heavily relies on your local network connection. A recent security change that was implemented to the CMSNet affects the Healthcare Assistant’s connection to the database. According to the article, “Users will no longer be able to access the internet, network printers or network folders, while connected to CMS via CMSNet.” To read the full article and get more information, click here.

User rights settings in the HAS

Many folks find convenience in sharing a username and password but doing so is risky. We strongly recommend that users of the HealthCare Assistant have his or her own username and password. Doing so will give supervisors a way to manage and monitor the rights of what each user can and cannot see, and what can and cannot be modified. In addition to allowing several people use the application at the same time, other advantages include determining which user is logged in the program, as well as who entered, modified or deleted data. To set up users’ rights, go to Administration > User File Maintenance:

Press on ‘New’ > ‘User’:

You can now create usernames and passwords for all your users. Edit their user rights based on their job role.

How to Enter the Treatment Authorization Code

Many folks find convenience in sharing a username and password but doing so is risky. We strongly recommend that users of the HealthCare Assistant have his or her own username and password. Doing so will give supervisors a way to manage and monitor the rights of what each user can and cannot see, and what can and cannot be modified. In addition to allowing several people use the application at the same time, other advantages include determining which user is logged in the program, as well as who entered, modified or deleted data. To set up users’ rights, go to Administration > User File Maintenance:

Press on ‘New’ > ‘User’:

You can now create usernames and passwords for all your users. Edit their user rights based on their job role.

Connection was terminated due to inactivity

As a precautionary security measure, the HealthCare Assistant software is designed to disconnect automatically after about 30 minutes of inactivity. This is to prevent unauthorized access to your data. After this period if inactivity, the moment the user returns and tries to access the software, certain error messages will pop-up:

Clicking on OK will force close the program and the user will need to login again. If you are planning on stepping away from your desk for a period of time, it is most advised that you save your work and log out of the program.

How to bill if a patient switches insurances during the middle of the episode

No matter how diligently an agency checks for the Medicare eligibility of a patient, there’s still the possibility that a patient might switch insurances in the middle of an episode. The following information shows how to handle this type of situation (provided that you already have the second insurance’s information and you know how to bill that insurance):

1. Go to the ‘Insurance’ tab of the patient:

2. Press ‘New’ to add the second insurance:

3. Populate the second insurance’s information into the ‘Insured’ tab and ‘Plan’ tab. Click ‘Save’ when done:

4. The second insurance needs to be made primary. In our example, click on MEDICARE PPS and click ‘Down’:

5. The insurance tab should look like this:

6. The Medicare episode will need to be ended. To do that, a Discharge status record needs to be entered. Proceed to the ‘CASES’ tab. Press on ‘New’ and select ‘Status Record’

7. Choose ‘Discharge’ and click ‘OK’:

Is there a data migration between the traditional, server-based HealthCare Assistant to the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition

Yes. The data in your server needs to be migrated to a cloud server, which is an upgrade through Synergy in the Cloud. Once you’ve upgraded to Synergy in the Cloud, there is no need to convert your existing data to the web edition because it’s utilizing the same database. We simply need to turn on the web for your agency.

How can you guarantee that my data information is secure if you have it on the internet?

HealthCare Synergy takes data security very seriously. Your data is secured in numerous locations across the US in facilities that also store many other private and government databases. Since the beginning of the HealthCare Assistant series of software, your database is protected by such a strict level of security that even if the file is copied, without the proper key, no data can be viewed.

How about a data migration from a non-Synergy software application?

Please contact us directly so we can discuss the details with you.

How do you allow Silverlight to run under MAC computers using safari 6.1 or later?

By default, Mac OS X Mavericks /Safari 6.1 and later now load plugins like PDFs, Flash, Silverlight, and Java in a sandbox to protect users from possible exploits in the plugins, but can also prevent those sites from working as designed. The fix for this can be found here.

Which mobile devices should I use to access the Web Edition of the software?

In order to make a recommendation, consider the following factors:
1) Will you supply mobile devices to your field staff? Or
2) Will you require your field staff to BYOD, “Bring your own device,” where field staff will use and rely on their own personal computer, laptop, and/or tablet?

The HealthCare Assistant Web Edition will run on any device that is able to connect to the Internet, so the choices are endless. The choice behind an Android and Apple operating systems is also a subjective one, so it’s truly a staff preference on which one they feel comfortable with.

If you are going to allow them to bring their own devices, a strong policy is needed to ensure that both your agency and your field staff understand who will be responsible for not just the device, but how the device is used and what it can and cannot be access. For information on mobile device and health information privacy and security, click here.

Is Medicare Eligibility included in the Web Edition?

Yes! Medicare eligibility checks are UNLIMITED and FREE with the web edition.

What is the cost of the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition?

HealthCare Synergy provides pricing based on an agency’s average patient census not by the number of users. If you’re a new agency and need detailed pricing information, please fill out a product evaluation form here. If you’re already a client, please contact us either by calling us at (714) 229-8700 or email detailing your name, agency, office phone number and average patient census.

What if I have already purchased the Legacy version of the HealthCare Assistant software?

Previous purchase of the legacy software will be factored into a discounted price for either Synergy in the Cloud or the HealthCare Assistant Web Edition

How to view appointments when you get the following warning: “You don’t have rights to view appointment!

A supervisor should check the user’s rights:
Go to Administration –> User File Maintenance –> Click on user’s name and make sure that User List and Users Setup are checked:

How do I change a user’s password on the HealthCare Assistant & CareGiver Assistant?

First, you must have Administration rights to change a user’s password.

To change a HealthCare Assistant user’s password:
Go to: Administration –> User File Maintenance –> Click on user’s name –> Check the “Change Password on next Login” & click Save

To change a CareGiver Assistant user’s password:
Go to: Administration –> CareGiver Assistant Logins –> Make sure that “with login” is checked –> Find the user’s name and click on “Change Password”

My Caregiver Assistant is running really slow…

One of the main reasons we have found that this happens is because there are too many “WE Mail” messages that are unread. Please make sure you mark all your messages as read in order to speed up the process. If it is still slow, give us a call to run diagnostics on your machine.

How can I delete Appointment/Visit that was accidentally added and not yet posted?

Not all users can delete an appointment and should ask permission to the Administrator/supervisor.

If User is allowed, supervisor should check Rights set up on the specific User by going into:

ADMINISTRATIONàUser File MaintenanceàDouble Click User’s Nameà Click the Patient FILEàLook for Ledger and be sure the Charges has a CHECK for Delete and save it.

The User should log off and log back in to Synergy for the changes to take effect.

I am adding diagnosis code in M1010/M1016/M1020 but it says NO RESULTS or Not in the List.

Healthcare Assistant has the entire IC9 code list but located in the LIBRARYàICD9 Code and should be copied to Diagnosis Library. You don’t need to add the Diagnosis code manually inside Diagnosis Library, just go to:

ADMINISTRATIONàLibraryàICD9 Code and search the codeàclick on Copy Diagnosis Code to Library.

How to change Patient Status from ON HOLD to ADMITTED if there is ROC created?

Patient status will be based on the Episode or status record added. If there is ROC/Resumption of Care, agency should add TRANSFER status before the ROC.

Click on the (+) sign on ASSESSMENTSà ADD DOCUMENTàSelect Transfer OASIS. Once the Transfer OASIS saved, it will create a Transfer Status.

Where should I go to view Patient’s Ledger?

Healthcare Assistant Web Edition makes it easier for the user to identify the Ledger and it is called Charges/Payments/Adjustments.

Once you are on the Patient Chart, you will see at the Top Center of the screen there are 4 TABS, click on CLAIMS (apple green color)à click on CHARGES/PAYMENTS/ADJUSMENTS.

I cannot add visit after 9 days from the Start of Care, the Scheduler is grayed out.

Healthcare Assistant Web Edition allows user to add initial visit within 9 days for discipline on Patient Scheduler.

If you want the Full Episode available and remove the grayed out, the patient status should be ADMITTED.

From Under Evaluation to ADMITTED: Just Add Draft Plan of Care under Patient Chart and save it.

Go back to Patient Scheduler and it will give you the Full episode.

How can I remove Blank Pages when printing Plan of Care?

There are Blank spaces inside SAFETY MEASURE/ NARRATIVES/ORDERS & GOALS in Plan of Care. Delete the blank spaces to avoid printing blank or extra page of Plan of Care.

The Primary Physician is not showing up on Referral List.

Healthcare Assistant Web Edition has a separate section for Physician and Referral Source, so if the referrer is the primary physician, just add him/her on the Referral Source.

There are 2 Options on adding referral Source:


  1. If you are in Referrals/Admissions page, go to REFERRED BY and you only need to Click on (+) Sign and the system will let you add information.


The Visit Note/Forms I am looking for is not included in the List when I click on ADD DOCUMENT.

The Document Forms has an expiration date, so if the Form you are looking for is not in the list, it is already expired and you can edit the expiration date by going into:

ADMINISTRATION -> DOCUMENTS -> DOCUMENT FORMS -> Uncheck the SHOW ONLY ACTIVE FORMS -> Search for the Forms under NAME and double click on it -> Edit the EFFECTIVE TO-> SAVE it.

The System is not letting me Add a New Comprehensive and I am getting a message there is an attached Document but there is none and was already deleted.

Healthcare Synergy Web Edition is allowing the user to retrieve the deleted Comprehensive/Assessment, so if you wanted to remove it permanently just go to:

Patient CHART  -> TRASH BIN -> DELETED Documents -> Right click on the Comprehensive and click on Permanently Delete.

Once the Trash Bin is empty, you can now ADD New Comprehensive.

Unable to validate OASIS due to Error: M0090

Healthcare Synergy automatically generates OASIS C or OASIS C-1 based on M0090 date completed answer.

If the year is 2014- it will generates OASIS C.

If 2015- will generates OASIS C1.

RESOLUTION: Delete the OASIS and re-create it to have the correct OASIS form.


Unable to validate OASIS due to Error: M1022


  1. Save and Close the OASIS
  2. Edit the Plan of Care
  3. Click on refresh Diagnosis Code from OASIS and save it
  4. Go back to OASIS and re-validate the OASIS and the error should be gone.
The claim amount is 0 and there is No HIPPS/HHRG code

HIPPS/HHRG code is important for billing claims and required most especially for Medicare; OASIS generated it as long as there is an answer on M2200 even if it is 0. NEVER answer NA.

Edit OASIS M2200 validates/save it.

The OASIS Lock Date is Not Correct, how can I edit the Lock date?

Healthcare Synergy allows agency to give a Warning if the OASIS lock date is after 7 days after the Date Completed.

Issue: If OASIS locked with today’s date and it is after 7 days, and you didn’t get the Warning, and would like to have one, make sure to check:

ADMINISTRATION -> AGENCY SET UP INFORMATION -> Home Health PreferencesàOption Affecting OASIS there is a CHECK for Warn when OASIS are locked after 7 days after the Date Completed.

I am getting an Error when Printing Plan of Care (Runtime Error 429)

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features/Add & remove Programs look for Healthcare Assistant Client Highlight and at the top there is REPAIR button Click on REPAIR and let it finish Log back into Synergy Print the Plan of Care again.

GoTo Assist

Please enter your name or company name in the box below. The support representative will supply you with a support code to enter.


Support Code: