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Clicking on the ‘GoTo Assist’ heading above, Synergy’s technicians are able to connect to your computer remotely to resolve any issues you might experience with our products.

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Clicking the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ header above will take you to answers for commonly asked questions relating to Synergy’s products.

Extended Tech Support
Extended Tech Support
Extended Tech Support hours for a limited time!
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Our Tech Support will be available from 6am to 10pm Pacific Time. Please feel free to contact us through phone: (800) 4SYNERG; email:, or chat with us online!

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In an effort to help us better serve and meet your training needs, please browse through our On-Demand and Training Video Library by clicking on the header above. Some videos will require a fee to view.

One-on-One Online Training

To schedule a training session, please fill out the Training Request form. In order to properly prepare and accommodate your specific training needs, please notify us at least 5 business days in advance.

During a one-on-one online training session, a highly qualified HealthCare Assistant software expert remotely access a user’s computer and initiates a two way conversation via phone for effective training. Training sessions can be customized to fit according to your needs. We also have several suggestions to increase the efficiency of every training session. We can also accommodate multiple people connecting from multiple devices and locations. Call us for details.

Support Program and Terms

Toll Free Phone Support Hours:  6am – 10pm PST (Monday – Friday)

  • Telephone Support: 800-4-SYNERG (796374)

Unlimited Access 24×7 to our private support website

  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Online User Community Forums
  • Electronic Product Documentation

Email Support:

Online Chat Support:

Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question or concern is not found here, please contact Tech Support and we will add it.

How to Schedule A Reoccuring Appointment

The Patient Scheduler allows the user to create scheduled visits for multiple days in just one window. To do this, just follow the simple steps below:

1) Click on the days you want to schedule

2) Click on the “+” sign

3) The New Appointment window will appear and schedule as usual

4) The visits are now scheduled

How to Print the Face-To-Face Encounter

In helping our clients maintain compliance with the new Face to Face requirements, we added an option to print the Face-To-Face Encounter document from the SOC Plan of Care and from the Intake/Admission. If the option to print the document is unavailable, check the following:

1) If there is a date in the “Face-To-Face Date” field, this will disable the option to print the document.

2) Check the insurance carrier’s settings. If “Check if this insurance requires Face-To-Face Document” is not marked, then the option to print will be disabled.

3) Lastly, make sure the SOC Plan of Care status is set to “Final.” The Face-to-Face Document cannot be printed with the POC if it is set to “Draft.”

How to Delete a Patient

In certain situations, a user might be required to delete a patient’s entire record (intakes/admissions, OASIS, Plan of Cares, etc.). Deleting a patient from the system takes only a few steps, but remember: ONCE A PATIENT RECORD IS DELETED, IT CANNOT BE RECOVERED.

Before deleting the patient, make sure that all claims are deleted…

…and make sure that communications are deleted.

Once the claims and communications are deleted, navigate back to the Patient List. Find the patient and right-click on the patient’s name. Click Delete.

The system will prompt a message and ask if you want to delete the patient. Click Yes.

Finally, the system will prompt one more message. Click Yes to permanently delete the patient’s record.

How to Enter the Treatment Authorization Code

If your claim is missing the TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION CODE, it can be entered either automatically or manually.

To automatically populate the TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION CODE, go to your Library and then Insurance Carriers. Go to the Billing Setup tab and place a checkmark in the box to Use Claim OASIS Matching Key as TAR Number.

To manually enter the TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION CODE, Edit the patient’s claim and click on Edit Insurance. Enter the code located in the field below and then Apply and Save.

How to bill if a patient switches insurances during the middle of the episode

No matter how diligently an agency checks for the Medicare eligibility of a patient, there’s still the possibility that a patient might switch insurances in the middle of an episode. The following information shows how to handle this type of situation (provided that you already have the second insurance’s information and you know how to bill that insurance):

1. Go to the ‘Insurance’ tab of the patient:

2. Press ‘New’ to add the second insurance:

3. Populate the second insurance’s information into the ‘Insured’ tab and ‘Plan’ tab. Click ‘Save’ when done:

4. The second insurance needs to be made primary. In our example, click on MEDICARE PPS and click ‘Down’:

5. The insurance tab should look like this:

6. The Medicare episode will need to be ended. To do that, a Discharge status record needs to be entered. Proceed to the ‘CASES’ tab. Press on ‘New’ and select ‘Status Record’

7. Choose ‘Discharge’ and click ‘OK’:

How to view appointments when you get the following warning: “You don’t have rights to view appointment!

A supervisor should check the user’s rights:
Go to Administration –> User File Maintenance –> Click on user’s name and make sure that User List and Users Setup are checked:

I was trying to export an OASIS but getting OASIS Submission Error

Refer to the following PDF for detail instruction – Export Oasis

I am trying to click on Healthcare Assistant icon but it only keeps on Loading or Spinning.

If the Synergy is not opening and it keeps on loading/spinning, there is a pop up block located at either the right or left corner of the web address box.


Resolution: Click on the Pop-Up Block and select Always allow the application and click the Healthcare Assistant icon again and it will open.

The claim amount is 0 and there is No HIPPS/HHRG code

HIPPS/HHRG code is important for billing claims and required most especially for Medicare; OASIS generated it as long as there is an answer on M2200 even if it is 0. NEVER answer NA.

Edit OASIS M2200 validates/save it.

How To Save From The Cloud To The Computer’s Desktop

This “How To” will show explain how to save files onto your local C:\ drive.

Click To Open This ‘How-To’ PDF

How To Allow Pop-ups and Location Services (Issues: Documents Don’t Open/ Patient Signature / Clocking In/Out)

This “How To” will explain what is needed to allow documents and patient signatures to open on any device.

Click to open this “How-To” PDF

Synergy In The Cloud Log-In Errors: ADODB: Recordset / “Already Have An Instance Of The Application Open”

Follow the steps in this “How To” when you are getting a “black” or “blue” screen… or if it says you have “another instance of the application open”.

Click To Open This “How To” PDF


How To Permanently Delete A Document (Also used for the “You already have the same document added” Message)

This “How To” will show what to do when messages about having another of that same document for that patient or appointment appear… but you can’t see it.

Click to open this “How To” PDF

How To Do An Ability Certificate Reinstall

Follow the steps in this “How To” when you get the message that “you don’t have any Ability certificates installed”.

Click to Open This “How To” PDF


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