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Synergy in the Cloud

Online Billing Software


HealthCare Synergy’s Synergy In The Cloud is a 100% web-based automated billing software designed for home health and hospice agencies, post-acute care providers and other health care service providers. One solution to combine all of your administrative, financial management, analytical reports, and scheduling needs.

With agencies using our Synergy in the Cloud software all over the country, you can rest assured that this post-acute care software can accommodate your agency’s workflow. Contact us today and find out why we’ve been a trusted provider of software for over 27 years.

Synergy In The Cloud Software Features

Automate & Optimize Your Agency Billing

Synergy in the Cloud gives you and everyone else on your team the power to access the HealthCare Assistant from any location with an internet connection through a Citrix application. See some of our most popular software features below:
  • Equipped Tools: Charting, Scheduling, and Billing tool equipped with Payroll
  • Cloud-Based: Accessible anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Robust Back Office System: Improves efficiency, flexibility, security, & lowers IT costs while offering a robust back office system.
  • Automatic Updates: Software updates performed automatically.
  • Data Back-Up: Data backed up daily, with the option for local backups.
  • Eliminated Dependence: Dependence on servers and maintenance eliminated

The Leader in Home Health Software Automation for 27 Years


Operate Your Agency at Peak Performance

  • Stop spending money on rapidly depreciating technical costs
  • Access HealthCare Assistant from anywhere
  • Protect and secure your data – offsite with redundancy
  • Eliminate dependence on server and computer hardware
  • Add users without purchasing costly new equipment
  • HealthCare Synergy will perform all HealthCare Assistant updates
  • Server Monitoring and maintenance is included
  • Data Center SAS 70 Type II certified
  • Data Backup Plan 164.308(a)(7)(ii)(A)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan 164.308(a)(7)(ii)(B)
  • Emergency Mode Operation Plan 164.308(a)(5)(ii)(c)
  • Contingency Operations 164.310(a)(2)(i)
  • Facility Security Plan 164.310(a)(2)(i)
  • Server Monitoring and maintenance is included


Contact HealthCare Synergy today to see a demo of our revolutionary billing software in action.


Testimonials about Synergy In The Cloud

“I found that the support we received was timely and very efficient. At a time of crisis, this is greatly appreciated more than words can share. Thank you!! Kudos to the Technical Support staff!!”

– Sue Z. (CFO)

“Our experiences are always favorable with HealthCare Synergy.”

– Brian S. (Administrator)

“You all are very supportive and very fast service. Thanks for all your assistance.”

– Geneva M.

“This system saves major time… That’s Huge!”

-Robyn M. (RN)


“From being used to the same mechanisms for 6-7 years, transitioning has been very straightforward. We’re comfortable with it. Our clinicians always compare it to other systems, although there are really only layout differences. Once they learned Synergy, they have not had a problem with it either.”

-Mase M. (Owner)


“It’s usually faster in our workflow using the Web Edition with Synergy (Synergy EMR). Even if there are issues or questions they are answered right away.”

-Mildred R. (Office Manager)


“I use the system daily, for everything an administrator needs. I love it!”-Virgil P. (Owner)”It works pretty good for us. Everything is just there. It is very quick. We can pull anything we need without having to jump around.”

-Eneida G. (DON/PT)


“I can tell that it has definitely improved. We are using it fully at one of our agencies and implementing it into our second agency currently.”

-Ahmer S. (Owner)


“Easy for the staff to catch on – both office and field staff. The Web Edition (Synergy EMR) was easy to pick up on.”

-Joy M. (Biller)


“It’s definitely faster than working on paper – I’ve easily cut a whole work day out of my week by using the Web Edition”

-Brandy F. (Office Manager)


“If you can post on Facebook, use eBay, then you can use then you can use this system.”

-Cassandra K. (RN)


“It works pretty good for us. Everything is just there. It is very quick. We can pull anything we need without having to jump around. Synergy always has the answer for any of our questions.”

-Eneida G. (DON/PT)

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