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Protect Your Company From Odor-Causing Bacteria, Molds And Mildew With PreventX!

PreventX, it is a bacteriostatic product designed to serve as a long-lasting additional layer of surface protection against microorganisms like odor-causing bacteria, molds, mildew, and other contaminants. It has an efficacy of up to 90 days, dependent on the surface it is applied to.


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Germs cannot thrive on a surface treated with PreventX 24/7

PreventX is an antimicrobial that helps protect against the spread of germs, mold and mildew. Try a FREE sample and help protect your agency.

PreventX 24/7

An all-surface durable protection barrier that provides a final bacteriostatic finish on surfaces to impart long-lasting antimicrobial protection reducing corporate liability, making future cleanings easier, while extending the life of your surfaces

PreventX SCT

The latest advanced cleaning system from NewEraSOS designed to improve cleaning, reduce labor and extend the life of cleaned surfaces

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