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    Part B Outpatient Billing Software

    Automate your outpatient therapy billing for home health, hospice, outpatient & shift-care facilities. Customizable workflows to fit your agency’s specific needs. Book your demo today!

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    What users are saying

    “If you can post on Facebook, use eBay, then you can use then you can use this system.”

    -Cassandra K. (RN)

    “This system saves major time… That’s Huge!”

    -Robyn M. (RN)

    “I can tell that it has definitely improved. We are using it fully at one of our agencies and implementing it into our second agency currently.”

    -Ahmer S. (Owner)

    Is Your Agency Struggling with Outpatient Part B Billing?


    We Can Help!

    With HealthCare Synergy’s Outpatient Therapy Billing Software you get fast and accurate answers from your own personal team of outpatient billing experts who know the in’s and out’s of your practice and the payers. When you work with Healthcare Synergy you have access to our incredible team with best customer support in the industry.

    Forget chasing down payments. Forget worrying about payroll and expenses. Our Part B Billing Software and team of customer support experts help you stay on top of all billing submissions, postings, and denial management to help you identify and fix billing issues holding your agency back from operating smoothly so you can focus on the most important part of your HHA – improving patient care and growing your agency.

    For over 27 years, HealthCare Synergy has offered unique and trusted software solutions for home health and hospice agencies, outpatient rehab and other post acute care providers.

    Our integrated, revolutionary software that can be coupled with our in-house managed services to create an optimized outpatient billing solution for your agency. Our software and managed team offers you the flexibility and reliability that over 27 years of experience in long-term post acute care documentation, billing and managed services can bring.

    Outpatient Part B Billing Software

    Web-Based Software

    Providing a streamlined and automated part b billing soultion for your HHA. Access with any device.

    The Leader in Home Health Software Automation for 28 Years

    Simplify Part B billing with Healthcare Synergy’s Part B Billing Software.

    In addition to the best software, we also provide the best customer service in the home health software industry with rapid response, screen-share, educational webinars and even 1 on 1 training. We’re here to EARN your business. Allow us to show you why we’ve been the trusted post-acute care software provider 28 years!

    Optimize your business. Improve your agency’s outcomes.

    Start using HealthCare Synergy’s outpatient billing software today & improve your agency’s outcomes.