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    nVoq HIPAA Compliant Speech Recognition for Home Health and Hospice

    nVoq can simplify your life by making it easier to translate your thoughts directly into writing.

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    What sets our speech recognition solutions apart from existing speech recognition software?

    Built for home health and
    hospice markets

    Drives Quality and

    Restores Work-Life

    nVoq is a speech recognition solution which allows clinicians and physicians
    to easily document and review patient information. Watch the demo!

    HealthCare Synergy Partners with nVoq to Improve Clinician Experience

    for Home Health and Hospice

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    Clinicians who spent more than 6 hours weekly after hours in EHR work were 2.9 times more likely to report burnout.

    Impact of Speech Recognition: Less time spent on keystrokes
    means more time for everything else

    Improves Documentation

    More Productive Clinicians

    Improves DSO— Care to Cash

    HIPAA compliant, secure,
    cloudbased, and highly accurate

    Revenue Integrity and Efficiency

    Higher quality and more complete patient narratives reduces denials

    Accessible on a tablet or PC,
    and at an affordable cost

    Increased Clinician Satisfaction

    Less time needed for documentation means more time to care for themselves and their patients

    29 Years of Home Health Solutions

    HealthCare Synergy is constantly innovating and developing new and improved products and services to better serve the growing needs of our clients. Leave everything else to us.