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    HealthCare Synergy is more than just software – we also perform Chart Review – RCD – ADR Services

    We offer Outsourced Services to improve an agency’s outcomes and work processes by keeping them compliant with Medicare Conditions of Participation and Rules and Regulations.

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    Recruitment & Staffing  |  Virtual Assistants  |  Information Technology (IT)  |  Mergers and Acquisitions


    On-demand Clinical and Back Office Staffing and Recruitment

    Is your agency having trouble finding or retaining Clinical and Administrative staff who are trained and experienced in Home Health and Hospice?

    We provide agencies with qualified Clinicians who are experienced and trained in CMS guidelines and Conditions of Participation. We also provide Administrative staff on-demand trained to mimic an agency’s back office workflow and follow the same rules, processes and procedures existing staff and other work groups follow.


    Staffing & Recruitment

    Are you having trouble finding and retaining qualified clinicians who are trained and experienced in home health and hospice?

    We provide agencies with clinicians who are qualified, experienced and trained in CMS guidelines and Conditions of Participation, on demand.

    Virtual Assistants

    We provided Clinical and Administrative outsourced staff on demand, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We are able to customize training to follow an agency’s workflow and follow the rules, processes and procedures existing staff and other work groups follow.

    Information Technology (IT)

    Do you not have a designated person in-house to monitor and manage your network and devices connected to your network?

    Healthcare Synergy provides and performs consulting and computer services, repairs, and upgrades as requested. Our IT Team assists clients by notifying them of any circumstances under which hardware cannot be repaired, or needs to be replaced, in order to fix related problems with outdated computers, software, printers, modems, and more.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Are you planning on buying or selling your agency?

    Our Mergers and Acquisitions Program is designed to assist existing clients in either finding a buyer, seller, or partner for their home health agency or other post-acute care businesses. The Merger and/or Acquisition process to find qualified buyers, sellers, or partners is fully monitored and managed by HealthCare Synergy.


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