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    HealthCare Synergy is more than just software – we also perform Billing and Revenue Recovery Services

    We offer Outsourced Services to improve an agency’s outcomes and work processes by keeping them compliant with Medicare Conditions of Participation and Rules and Regulations.

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    Billing  &  Revenue Recovery Services


    Ensure Proper And Timely Claim Creation and Submission and Recoup Revenue

    Customer Reviews

    “I would like to thank Josie and her team in helping me to start billing for my company. We are start-up home health agency and Josie explained every step and was very patient as well as offered a lot of help in the billing process. Once again, Josie’s team are truly professionals and we are happy to continue working with her!”

    – Diana Dveyrina (Administrator)

    “I have been using Coding and OASIS Review and Billing Services through HealthCare Synergy for over 15 years. I can honestly say that our productivity in the office has increased every year and this had a positive effect on our revenue stream. Cecile Mercado and her Billing Services has saved my tail more than a few times, from explaining new regulations to helping me with determining if something was billable or not. She’s even gone to the extent of helping with interpreting our PEPPER Reports which isn’t always an easy task for any agency. I am very satisfied with Services provided!”

    – Jack Trickett (Manager)


    “Our agency has been using HealthCare Synergy for Medicare, Hospice, and Private Insurance Billing for about 20 years now. We honestly couldn’t be any happier and satisfied with the services! Fildres, our biller, is perfect! She’s not only always on time with capturing our claims but is also very responsive with questions and concerns we have. It is a five star service that I would highly recommend to anyone.”

    – Bryan Koffman (Home Health Director)


    “The Clinical Team performing our Clinical Services provides timely Coding and review of our charts. Christian is absolutely fantastic to work with and is always offering to assist our staff when we have Coding issues. Also, our Billing Manager loves working with the Billing Team! They, too, resolve all our issues with accuracy and efficiency. They Clinical and Billing Teams combined are definitely contributors to our agency’s success. Thank you for all you do!”

    – Cricket Phillips (DON)


    “HealthCare Synergy has been providing us with our Billing Services for over 5 years now. Stacey, our biller, is fantastic! She saves me all the time, no matter what time of the day! She captures all of our Medicare claims and helps us work out any Billing issues that come up on the spot. The Billing Services has definitely played an important role in our company’s steady revenue growth and financial success.”

    – Theresa De Gracia (Administrator)


    “The Billing Services reminds me that there is no possible way I could know everything that CMS wants me to know – the process brought to light things I may have forgotten about Medicare rules and regulations – this is what I consider most valuable.”

    – Ron P. (Owner)

    Is your Home Health or Hospice agency behind on claim creation and submission? HealthCare Synergy’s highly experienced and trained Billers ensure proper claim creation and timely submission. They accomplish these tasks using a systematic process designed to ensure Home Health agencies receive payments as quickly as possible. Our Billers have years of experience and know what to look for when recovering revenue from outstanding claims before the statute of limitation expires.


    We Do Not Collect Unless We’re able to Collect and Recover Revenue


    These Services are provided REGARDLESS of the software your agency uses.
    Billing and Revenue Recovery Services are invoiced monthly.


    HealthCare Synergy’s Billing Services are performed by clinical and technical professionals who possess up-to-date and hands-on knowledge of regulatory agencies rules and regulations on billing and compliance. Our experienced billers know the Medicare Billing system, and can ensure proper claim creation as well as timely submission.

    Our experienced billers know the Medicare Billing system, and can ensure proper claim creation as well as timely submission. Worried about a fixed cost of staff with a fluctuating census? All our services eliminate this concern, allowing you to focus on the strengths of your agency.

    Worried about a fixed cost of staff with a fluctuating census? All our services eliminate this concern, allowing you to focus on the strengths of your agency.

    • ♦ Extensive knowledge and experience of staff who can adapt to the constant changes of CMS and other payers.
    • ♦ Exceptional group of billers that assure collections and solve complex claims such as MSP and payer/agency overlaps.
    • ♦ Clients receive notification of agency billing such as RAP & Final claim due dates; review and follow up of unpaid claims; posting payments/adjustments and Accounts Receivable reports.
    • ♦ Clients enjoy a team of billers who routinely handle specialized tasks such as OASIS submissions, cost report coordination, credit balance preparation, statistical reports generation, and other reports available through Synergy’s Healthcare Assistant software.


    Revenue Recovery

    HealthCare Synergy’s Revenue Recovery Services are performed by experienced billers that help with recouping revenue by reviewing previously locked/exported OASIS to see if the HIPPS/HHRG can be re-calculated or adjusted as well as seeing if there are claims to be submitted or payments to be posted.

    • ♦ Recover revenue from outstanding claims before the claims’ statute of limitation expires.
    • ♦ Experienced billers can look through past claim submissions and check for overdue, missing, as well as claims that can be resubmitted in order to recoup revenue.
    • ♦ Agencies have the freedom to choose if this is a one-time service or provided quarterly, yearly, etc.
    • ♦ Invoicing is provided at the end of the Discovery Period – agency is billed a percentage of revenue recouped.



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