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    HealthCare Synergy is more than just software – we also perform Managed Services - Coding – OASIS Review – POC Services

    We offer Outsourced Services to improve an agency’s outcomes and work processes by keeping them compliant with Medicare Conditions of Participation and Rules and Regulations.

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    ICD Coding  | OASIS Review  |  485 Preparation


    Ensure You Receive Maximum Reimbursement & Avoid Delays

    Customer Reviews

    “Michael’s Coding Service is one of the greatest additions to our agency – Michael is very professional, knowledgeable, and always on time when it comes to providing our Codes, we’re beyond happy with Michael and his Service.”

    – Ester Moshkovitz (Clinical Supervisor)

    “Everyone is so easy to work with at HealthCare Synergy – that explains why we’ve been with them for over 11 years and until now, are still actively using their Coding Services – I highly recommend the Service.”

    -Donna F. (Office Manager)

    “Michael is very knowledgeable and makes certain we are considering all aspects of coding – from the patient’s conditions and everything within the supporting documents – he provides the most appropriate level of Coding for all types of Coding needs.”

    -Salil P. (CEO)

    “Working with Katy on our Coding has been a pleasure! Katy knowledgeable and vry professional. She is also very timely with getting our Coding back to us. Would highly recommend Katy and the Service.”

    -Cynthia R. (Biller)

    “I’d like to give a personal shout out to Katy Simonek. She is very knowledgeable in her field and very timely in coding our OASIS. I continue to enjoy working with her. She is a great asset to Synergy as well as our team!”

    -Siham A. (Co-Owner)

    “I have attended multiple webinars and now have been through a PDGM surviving and thriving series with Synergy’s coding expert Michael Tidd. He has a wealth of practical clinical knowledge combined with coding expertise to assist our internal coders improve on capturing more accurate pictures of our patients under PDGM. We were able to look at examples and figure out patterns that could be helpful to capture comorbidity adjustments when appropriate for our patients as well as discuss the many other facets of PDGM.”

    -Mike S. (Clinical Manager)

    “Ever since elevating our working relationship with Synergy, we have received nothing but excellent customer service, advice and feedback on the documents being coded and reviewed by their staff. Synergy’s clinical staff are gems- the accuracy in their coding and reviews is exceptional! The owners are very pleased with the outcomes.”

    –Val L. (Administrator)


    “HealthCare Synergy is performing our Coding, OASIS Review, and 485 Prep Services – the Services are fantastic! Not only is their Clinical Team very time efficient but they are also excellent at communicating with my internal staff and reporting issues, deficiencies and producing desired results. If I were to ever find myself in a compromising situation, I know I have HealthCare Synergy’s Clinical Team to back me up and get me back on track. I’d definitely recommend these services!”

    – Arun M. (Owner)


    “The Clinical Team performing our Clinical Services provides timely Coding and review of our charts. Christian is absolutely fantastic to work with and is always offering to assist our staff when we have Coding issues. Also, our Billing Manager loves working with the Billing Team – they too resolve all our issues with accuracy and efficiency. The Clinical and Billing staff assigned to work with us are definitely contributors to our agency’s success. Thank you for all you do!”

    – Cricket P. (DON)

    “I have been using Coding and OASIS Review and Billing Services through HealthCare Synergy for over 15 years. I can honestly say that our productivity in the office has increased every year and this has had a positive effect on our revenue stream! Whenever we had any concerns or issues with Joint Commission, or changes in Medicare regulations Michael Tidd was always quick to step in and respond to provide his clinical insight and guidance. I am very satisfied with Services provided!”

    – Jack T. (Manager)

    Is your agency concerned with meeting Conditions of Participation and receiving the maximum episode payment? Is one of your main business goals to prevent becoming a magnet for ADR or ZPIC auditors?

    With HealthCare Synergy’s ICD-Coding, OASIS Review and 485 Preparation Services, we ensure you receive maximum reimbursement, avoid payment delays, and improve cash flow. Our Clinicians perform a comprehensive review of both the OASIS questions and the entire OASIS documentation – the diagnosis is reviewed and assessed after.

    Our Coders and OASIS Reviewers have years of experience in the home health and hospice industry and ICD-Coding and OASIS – certified. Our Clinicians use their knowledge of Medicare Conditions of Participation and Coding and OASIS guidelines to provide quality reviews and prepare your critical documents for survey-readiness daily.


    Complimentary ICD-10 Coding & OASIS Review Audits Available


    These Services are provided REGARDLESS of the software your agency uses.

    ICD-10 Coding

    Home health agencies are required to electronically submit OASIS assessments to CMS within 30 days of completion date of a patient assessment or they face risk a 12 month and 2% penalty for failing to submit timely. Of 4.6 million claims submitted each day, roughly 10% of ICD-10 claims are rejected, according to CMS.

    You’ll never have to worry about up-coding or down-coding with our ICD – Coding Services. Licensed Clinicians certified in Coding, with experience in the home health and hospice industry, review supporting documents (referral, patient history and physical, medication profile, doctor orders, visit notes profile, etc.) and both comprehensive OASIS and non-OASIS assessment. They provide ICD-Coding compliant with the latest Coding Guidelines to ensure maximum reimbursement.

    • ♦ Maintain HIPAA privacy and confidentiality of all patients’ data.
    • ♦ Apply clinical knowledge in disease process, co-morbidities, patient status, and medications to locate additional co-morbidities that may require confirmation for appropriate coding.
    • ♦ Utilize understanding of diagnosis coding guidelines to protect clients from potential coding deficiencies.
    • ♦ Provide daily report on activity and completed coding performed.
    • ♦ Utilize understanding of diagnosis coding guidelines to protect clients from potential coding deficiencies.
    • ♦ Complimentary Coding audit available.


    OASIS Review*

    Allow our licensed and OASIS-certified Clinical staff to ensure your OASIS assessments and supporting documentation is clinically accurate. Our Clinicians provide review of the entire comprehensive OASIS document, not just the OASIS questions, and diagnosis coding and run a comprehensive check of all the Non-OASIS clinical items.

    • ♦ Maintain HIPAA privacy and confidentiality of all patients’ data.
    • ♦ Deliver warnings the clinician should consider to ensure clinical and OASIS questions agree.
    • ♦ Offer regulatory guidance and justifications as to why recommended changes should be applied.
    • ♦ Once Coding is completed, the assessment is returned back to the caregiver for review and application of possible corrections.
    • ♦ Complimentary OASIS Audit available.


    485 Preparation

    Our Clinicians are experienced in the home health and hospice industry. They review all orders and ensure the plan of care represents the interventions and visit frequency required to address the deficiencies noted by the doctor, agency and patient as well as include all agency and patient’s stated goals. Justification for any changes is available to ensure the agency understands the changes and is survey ready.

    • ♦ Maintain HIPAA privacy and confidentiality of all patients’ data.
    • ♦ Employ clinical knowledge in disease process, co-morbidities, patient status, and medications to prepare a Plan of Care.
    • ♦ Review of patient’s medical record (history and physical, medication profile, doctor orders, visit notes) to ascertain a patient’s health status, issues, available caregiver assistance, and care requirements.
    • ♦ Use of patient’s medical record and agency generated documents to prepare a complete and accurate patient specific Plan of Care to ensure best possible outcome for the patient.
    • ♦ Enforce CMS guidelines for Conditions of Participation to protect clients from potential documentation deficiencies.
    • ♦ Provide daily report on activity and completed Plans of Care.


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