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    HealthCare Synergy is more than just software – we also perform Chart Review – RCD – ADR Services

    We offer Outsourced Services to improve an agency’s outcomes and work processes by keeping them compliant with Medicare Conditions of Participation and Rules and Regulations.

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    Chart Review  |  Targeted Probe & Educate  |  Review Choice Demonstration
    ADR  |   QAPI


    Ensure That Your Home Health Or Hospice Agency Is Survey-Ready Daily

    Customer Reviews

    “Cecille and her QA Team are a huge help – we’ve never been as confident in our clinical charts as we are now – we have Cecille and her QA Team’s persistence and industry knowledge to thank for that.”

    – Ester Moshkovitz (Clinical Supervisor)

    “Cecille and her team are extremely easy to work with. Great communication and team work.”

    – Haneen S. (Administrator)

    “The clinicians performing chart review provide excellent customer service, sound advice and feedback on the document being reviewed. We are satisfied and pleased with the outcomes!”

    – Valentine A. (Owner)


    “Anne was assigned to perform Chart Review Services for my agency for at least a year – she was highly responsive, very quick and proficient – it was definitely a privilege having her augment our team for that period of time. HealthCare Synergy’s Clinical Team got us to a point where we were confident enough with the quality of our patient charts and take care over where they left off. I’d definitely recommend this service!”

    – Arun Mahtani (Owner)


    “We signed up for Pre-Claim Review not knowing what to expect with it being a new rule and all. We were pleasantly surprised when our clinicians advised us the two initially submitted to Synergy was affirmed! We’re feeling hopeful again!”

    – Cristina C. (Director of Nursing)

    Concerned about your next survey or ensuring that both Patient Care and Quality Care are accurately reflected?

    Our clinical staff can help you prepare for any survey or ADR that comes your way. With HealthCare Synergy’s Case Management Services our staff will perform comprehensive reviews of your entire patient charts from beginning to end to ensure compliance with Medicare and CMS.

    Our experienced clinicians review your entire patient chart from SOC to Recert or Discharge, ensuring that you are survey-ready all the time. We help to monitor compliance with Medicare documentation based on CMS Conditions of Participation.

    *This service can be provided REGARDLESS of which software your agency uses.

    Complete Chart Review –  ADR Review – RCD – Plan of Care Preparation Services

    Are you concerned about your agency’s next survey or being a magnet for ADRs and Targeted Probe and Educate?


    Our Clinical Staff are trained in Medicare Conditions of Participation. They have experience in reviewing patient charts in their entirety and monitoring Medicare compliance from Start of Care to Recertification or Discharge. Also, no need to switch software vendors to use this Service – our Clinicians are proficient in the use of multiple EMR software platforms.

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    “Cecille and her team are extremely easy to work with. Great communication and team work.”

    – Haneen S. (Administrator)

    Free Complimentary Chart Review Audit Available


    The services below can be provided regardless of which software your agency uses.

    ADR Review

    Our Clinical staff performs a review of the full chart and the 60-day summary of the episode requested.

    • ♦ Perform review of full chart and 60-Day Summary of the episode requested.
    • ♦ Compare Physicians Orders, Face to Face, and other important documents to show consistency with each other as well as the plan of care.
    • ♦ Suggestions and recommendations will be provided for each deficiency identified based on Condition of Participation and Medicare clinical guidelines.



    Are you a Medicare Home Health Provider in IL, TX, FL, OH, or NC?

    We have the knowledge and experience from receiving 100% affirmation during the Illinois Pre-Claim Review period!

    Take advantage of our Home Health Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) Services. We ensure that documentation for your home health services are appropriate for payment based on your choice.

    • ♦ Pre-Claim Review
    • ♦ Post-Payment Review
    • ♦ Minimal Post-Payment Review



    “When performing medical review as part of Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE), Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) focus on specific agencies that bill a particular item or service rather than all agencies billing a particular item or service. MACs will focus only on agencies who have the highest claim denial rates or who have billing practices that vary significantly from their peers. TPE involves the review of 20-40 claims per agencies. This is considered a round, and the home health provider has a total of up to three rounds for reviews. After each round, agencies are offered individualized education based on the results of their reviews. Home health agencies are also offered individualized education during a round to more efficiently fix simple problems.” – Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services

    • ♦ HealthCare Synergy will review the letter from the MAC auditor that requests the 20-40 claims reviewed during that round.
    • ♦ Our clinicians will research and review supporting documentation within the affected charts, documenting deficiencies and billing errors.
    • ♦ We provide appropriate corrections to address deficiencies and errors, using our proprietary process in checking against Medicare Conditions of Participation.
    • ♦ Our complimentary Chart Review assists agencies in determining their risks for future Targeted Probe and Educate – we offer consultation and training to agency staff to help avoid future claim denials.



    Is your agencies QAPI program survey ready?

    The new 2018 Home Health Conditions of Participation require your agency have an agency-wide, data-driven quality assurance, performance improvement (QAPI) program that effectively identifies areas for improvement in quality care and patient safety. Healthcare Synergy’s experts will partner with you to develop or strengthen your QAPI program via fact-finding interviews, analyses of your current QAPI practices, and review of outcome results. Your agency will receive a proactive QAPI model that reflects your strategic priorities and the requirements set in the Conditions of Participation for Home Health and or Hospice Agencies.

    Specific results of the Healthcare Synergy QAPI Program Consultation include:

    • ♦ Develop an individualized QAPI Program policy and procedure.
    • ♦ Identify the possible data elements, data collection activities and analysis schedule.
    • ♦ Ensure the QAPI project/s reflects the Agency’s services and operations.
    • ♦ Establish the role and have clarity on the responsibilities of the agency’s leadership and governing body related to the QAPI program.


    Optimize your Home Health or Hospice agency.

    Start using HealthCare Synergy for your Analytics or Bookkeeping today & improve your agency’s outcomes.

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