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    Managed Services for Home Health & Hospice Agencies

    Leave the Clinical, Billing, Clerical, & Analytical to us. Start your complimentary clinical audit to learn how we can help automate your agency

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    Managed Services For Home Health & Hospice Agencies


    We Are More Than Just Software

    Software is just one piece of a complex puzzle for most home health and hospice agencies. HealthCare Synergy’s Managed Services allows your agency to focus on patient care while growing your business.

    Leave the Clinical, Billing, Clerical and Analytical work to our knowledgeable and well-trained staff. We offer complimentary clinical audits so you can experience the accuracy and proficiency of our Services for yourself.

    What Sets Us Apart?

    • ♦ Our Clinicians and Billers are well-trained in using CMS guidelines and Conditions of Participation.
    • ♦ Our Clinicians are skilled in using multiple software solutions so there isn’t a need to change your software vendor.
    • ♦ We offer complimentary clinical audits for ICD-10 Coding, OASIS Review, and Total Chart Review

    Why Outsource?

    • ♦ CONCENTRATE ON YOUR PATIENTS – Focus on delivering excellent care to your patients instead of administrative tasks.
    • ♦ INCREASE ACCURACY AND PRODUCTIVITY – We hire certified Clinicians and Administrative staff with working home health knowledge.
    • ♦ DECREASE AGENCY EXPENSES – Save on management & business expenses such as benefits, hiring and training costs, employment taxes & more.
    • ♦ STAFFING – Our Clinical and Administrative staff are available 24/7 and 365 days per year. Add or terminate staff based on your business needs.


    Increase both the productivity and efficiency of your agency with our reliable Managed Services. We help home health and hospice agencies, post acute care, private duty and other healthcare service providers increase both the productivity & efficiency of your agency while allowing you to focus on what's important… caring for your patients.


    Customer Reviews

    “Everyone is so easy to work with at HealthCare Synergy – that explains why we’ve been with them for over 11 years and until now, are still actively using their Coding Services – I highly recommend the Service.”

    -Donna F. (Office Manager)

    “Michael is very knowledgeable and makes certain we are considering all aspects of coding – from the patient’s conditions and everything within the supporting documents – he provides the most appropriate level of Coding for all types of Coding needs.”

    -Salil P. (CEO)

    “Working with Katy on our Coding has been a pleasure! Katy knowledgeable and vry professional. She is also very timely with getting our Coding back to us. Would highly recommend Katy and the Service.”

    -Cynthia R. (Biller)

    “I’d like to give a personal shout out to Katy Simonek. She is very knowledgeable in her field and very timely in coding our OASIS. I continue to enjoy working with her. She is a great asset to Synergy as well as our team!”

    -Siham A. (Co-Owner)

    “Ever since elevating our working relationship with Synergy, we have received nothing but excellent customer service, advice and feedback on the documents being coded and reviewed by their staff. They are gems – the accuracy in their work is exceptional!”

    -Val L. (Administrator)


    “I have never worked with a company that has been more willing to provide assistance, even for small issues. Help is always friendly and on time. I have worked on five other systems and have never experienced the customer service I do with Synergy!”

    -Jan W. (Director of Nursing)


    “We signed up for Pre-Claim Review not knowing what to expect with it being a new rule and all. We were pleasantly surprised when our clinicians advised us the two initially submitted to Synergy was affirmed! We’re feeling hopeful again!”

    -Cristina C. (Director of Nursing)


    “The Billing Services reminds me that there is no possible way I could know everything that CMS wants me to know – the process brought to light things I may have forgotten about Medicare rules and regulations – this is what I consider most valuable.”
    • – Ron P. (Owner)


    “Synergy has a great team – they are organized, provide quality work with so much friendliness, professionalism and enthusiasm for what they do. I know any issue I have will be understood and resolved as quickly as possible. Everyone has been easy to work with, and every experience has been great. I am especially happy with how our patient’s charts look.”
    • -Maneet D. (Nurse)

    Reduce Administrative Costs. Improve case-mix and outcomes. Prevent Revenue Loss. Increase episode reimbursements.


    Start using HealthCare Synergy’s Managed Services today.

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