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Job Title: Registered Nurse
Job Location: Cypress, CA
Title of Immediate Supervisor: Director of Nursing
Job Summary:

The Registered Nurse provides skilled nursing care under the direct supervision of the Director of Nursing. The Registered Nurse performs selected skilled acts in the provision of curative, rehabilitative, palliative, or preventative nursing care. The Registered Nurse is responsible and accountable for making decisions that are based on the individual’s nursing experience and educational preparation and other duties as deemed necessary.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Provides services in accordance with agency policies which include:
Providing services in accordance with program policies
Preparing clinical and progress notes
Assisting the Registered Nurse or physician in performing specialized duties
Assisting the Registered Nurse in carrying out the plan of care
Assisting the client in learning appropriate self-care techniques.
Assists with the preparation, implementation, and continuing evaluation of the client care plan.
Recognizes and understands the effects of social and economic problems upon clients.
Provides for the emotional and physical comfort and safety of clients.
Prepares clinical and progress notes for the client record (not to include admission). Observes, records, and reports to the appropriate person symptoms, reactions, and changes including:
The general physical and mental condition of clients and signs and symptoms which may be indicative of untoward changes, and
Stresses in the human relationships between the clients, between clients and personnel, and between clients and their families and visitors.
Assists the Registered Nurse in performing specialized procedures as directed by the Registered Nurse under the physician’s orders.
Assists with the rehabilitation of clients according to the medical care plan by:
being aware of and encouraging the interests and special aptitudes of the client and
encouraging clients to help themselves with their own capabilities in performing activities daily
Knowledge and application of the principles of prevention of deformities, the normal range of
motion, body mechanics, and body alignment.
Assists the client in learning appropriate self-care techniques.
Foster’s cooperative effort among personnel by understanding the functions of other persons involved in client care and by active participation in team and staff conferences.
Assumes responsibility for personal and vocational growth and development through:
active participation in nursing organizations; and
by promoting and participating in in-service programs or other learning on the job.

The Registered Nurse with education and proven clinical competence may perform certain treatments/procedures provided the Home Health Agency’s policies and the State’s regulatory acts allow their performance. Only Licenses Advanced trained Practical /Vocational Nurses with documented skill in performing these functions may:

  • Administer medications
  • Calculate and adjust flow rates
  • Observe and report signs of adverse reactions
  • Inspect insertion sites, change dressings, remove peripheral I.V. needles/catheters
  • Hang hydrating fluid without medications
  • Start peripheral I.V.s
  • Hang I.V.s premixed with medications
  • Check blood with a Registered Nurse
  • Flush peripheral lines with saline or heparin solutions
  • Licensed Practical / Vocation Nurses may monitor clients receiving blood and blood products, medications, cancer chemotherapy, investigational drugs, and plasma expanders.
Job Requirements

Qualifications: Graduation from an accredited School of Nursing. Must be licensed in the State as a licensed practical/vocational nurse.

Experience: One or more years in a home health agency or a hospital setting. Home health experience preferred.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledgeable of Medicare and Medicaid guidelines. Good communication skills and ability to establish a good rapport with other staff members. Working knowledge of home health care and the principles and techniques of professional nursing and required documentation thereof.

Skillful in the organization of work and in principles of time management; and knowledge of management process. Ability to contribute to the quality of care being rendered through constructive communication with nursing managers and nursing staff.

Job Conditions:

The ability to drive extensively in a geographic area. Must be able to access clients’ homes which will not be routinely wheelchair accessible. Hearing, eyesight, and physical dexterity must be sufficient to perform a physical assessment of the client’s condition and to perform and demonstrate client care. Physical activities may include, walking, sitting, stooping, and standing. Maximum to the minimal lifting of clients and turning clients. On occasion, may be required to bend, stoop, reach, and move client weight up to 250 pounds; lift and/or carry up to 30 pounds. Lifting and carrying nursing equipment. Frequent writing and telephone communication. Must be able to hear and speak in a manner understood by most people. Must be able to communicate both verbally and in writing.

Equipment Operations

Use of 10-line telephone, calculator, and medical nursing equipment, including thermometer, B/P cuff, glucometer, penlight, and hand washing materials.

Company Information:

Access to all client medical records which may be discussed with the Director of Nursing, the Administrator, the Executive Director, the Director of Finance, and the Quality Assurance department staff, including medical records and outside government agencies.

The statements contained herein reflect general details as necessary to describe the principal functions of this job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required, and the scope of responsibility, but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements.

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