Updated on 03/16/2021

Sequestration Moratorium Ending – Act Now

Author: Michael Tidd LVN, HCS-D, COS-C

CMS provided a lapse to the Sequestration penalty of 2% in mid-2020 and extended it again in early 2021.  Unfortunately the suspension of the Medicare Sequestration is scheduled to expire on March 31, 2021.  Action is needed by all home health agencies, and staff to spur congress into extend the sequestration suspension.  Without this suspension, agencies will once again receive a 2% reduction in claim amounts starting April 1.  No this is not an April Fools joke, and your action can make a difference.


H.R. 1868 is scheduled to be discussed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday March 16.  This legislation will continue the sequestration suspension and would also avoid a 4% Medicare rate cut that is triggered by recently passed COVID stimulus legislation.


S.748 is expected to be considered by the Senate which is similar to the HR bill which will suspend the sequestration penalty through the Public Health Emergency.


It is urgent that you immediately contact your congressional delegation and provide a message supporting the extension of the moratorium of sequestration cuts to Medicare. Use the link below to send a message to your representatives and senators to support this legislation.  Pass this link to all of your coworkers and colleagues to voice their opinion!