Updated on 02/22/2019

Presented by Michael Tidd
Recorded October 17, 2018


Effective January 1, 2019, OASIS-D will become the OASIS that your clinicians will be required to collect. Much of CMS documentation is focused on questions that are being eliminated, but what is not being stressed is that an equal number of questions are being added to the OASIS assessment. Some of these questions will appear to be duplicated, but have different focus and requirements. It is essential that your clinicians obtain training on these assessments to ensure your OASIS are being answered correctly.


Michael Tidd has over 18 years’ experience in the home care industry and is a frequent speaker at HealthCare Synergy workshops. He is a software developer, LVN, and certified in ICD-9/10 coding and OASIS (COS-C, HCS-D). As the Clinical Manager for HealthCare Synergy, he directs the Outsourced Managed Services, assists in directing the development of the HealthCare Assistant Software, oversees the clinical documentation auditing provided to clients and directs the clinical form development for the Synergy EMR. Michael continues to educate agencies in the ongoing regulations CMS produces, the proper application of the Medicare Conditions of Participation and completing timely, accurate and defendable clinical documentation to survive in the current Medicare reimbursement model.


  • Identify the questions being eliminated from OASIS
  • Understand questions being added to the OASIS
  • Learn the intent of these new questions
  • Learn the things to assess and consider correctly answering these new questions
  • Identify key differences between some of the new OASIS questions and existing questions that will remain on the assessment.